My Town: Grandparents Mod APK (Unlocked All) 1.52

My Town: Grandparents is an addictive educational game for children from developers of My Town Games Ltd. It allows your little one to spend time not only with fun, but also with benefit. Here you can find yourself in your grandmother’s house with virtual family, which participants you can choose by yourself. Place heroes in rooms, keep them busy and dress up. Explore your surroundings to understand the world around you better. Grow flowers, create cute things with your own hands and solve different life situations. Feel like a participant in the lives of these people. We also advise you to try out Toca Life World and Godus.

Find out the main game benefits below.

The entire gameplay of My Town: Grandparents comes down to the study of surrounding area. You can find many interesting things in each room. Use them in the game, interact, change or transform. Grandma meets you on the doorstep – it is the first location. What do grandmothers like? Of course, a well-groomed vegetable garden and flower bushes. The flowerbeds near the house clearly need care. Help plant the flowers and do not forget to water them at the end. Protect the planting from drying out. Otherwise, you will have to start all over again. Do watering from a hose or watering can, so use whatever is convenient for you. When you open the garage, you can find many tools as well as seeds. Plant crops as you see fit. Use a powerful blower to remove foliage from the ground. A lawn mower comes in handy for mowing your lawn. After finishing work in the yard, go into the house.

The kitchen in My Town: Grandparents is where food is prepared, so look for food in fridge or drawers. Bake chicken in the oven, fry the ribs, scrambled eggs or legs and make crispy toast with strawberry jam. Write your plans on a chalkboard. Set the table by arranging ready meals in suitable plates. Take cold drinks and put glasses for each member of the family. There is a woodcarving workshop owned by my grandfather in the basement. Take a log and process it according to instructions on the wall to get a funny figurine of horse, bear, gnome, airplane, boat, steam locomotive or dump truck. After that, pay attention to cabinet with tools for chemical experiments. You have to figure it out on your own. Try to assemble the burner and heat the reagents, watch the reaction and just don’t start a fire!

Parents’ bedroom in My Town: Grandparents has a large roomy wardrobe, inside which you can find a huge amount of clothes for everyone. Move the outfits with special arrows to select the one you need. In order to try on something, remove it from the mannequin and drag it onto the character. You can take accessories, hats, shoes, creating a unique image of the hero. Some types are available by default. You need to watch a short commercial to unlock others and the third type is available only for real money.

Children’s room is equipped with three sleeping places for toddlers, wardrobe for clothes, toys, lava lamp, cassette recorder and basketball hoop. The bathroom is light and spacious. Fill the bath itself with water, close with a curtain and let the duck swim. Shampoos, toothpaste, and eau de toilette are on the shelves. Towels are hanging on hooks and robes are on the shelf. You can bathe your Sim by wearing a hat or shampooing your hair. There is also a scale here to keep track of your weight and maintain good health.

If we consider the visual component of the project, then playing My Town: Grandparents is very comfortable and exciting. Observe everything from a side view, which is quite usual for such projects. The graphics are 2D, but at the same time, it has own unique style. There is also light and stress-free music in the project.

We invite you to download the unlocked mod for the game. Use it to receive all the items available in the project at his disposal that are available for customizing the hero.

We have tested My Town: Grandparents mod and can confirm its functionality. In order to use the mod, you only need to download and install the presented version of the game. By the way, our specialists checked the project for viruses, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gadget.

Gameplay of My Town: Grandparents boasts of the fact that everything around is fully interactive. There is a chance to use any objects that only come across on your way. You will have at your disposal about two dozen characters available for interaction. Choose clothes for them, come up with entertainment, create various scenes, and much more. The difficulty grows gradually, but this only increases the interest.

You do not need to use money or resources to perform actions, because there are no shops here. Just take whatever you want and everything will be completely free. Do not forget to look into the hidden drawers, because something interesting often comes across there. If you miss something, then you increase the chance of losing the best materials. Do not forget to explore all available rooms carefully, searching all around in search of hidden items.

The project is very suitable for children who can learn many new things. Expand your horizons, upgrade some skills and just have fun with help of such a pastime, it will turn out to. It is important to ensure for very young gamers that application was simple, safe, and most importantly interesting. My Town: Grandparents belongs to such projects.

My Town: Grandparents is a great app for kids. It can help the child develop and entertain at the same time.

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