My Town: Hospital Mod APK (Unlocked All) 1.01

My Town: Hospital is another thematic project dedicated to medicine from the developers of My Town Games Ltd. It allows you to have a fun time regardless of the player’s age. The project features a varied gameplay, as well as the ability to show imagination during the playthrough. Main heroes have already visited the hotel, grandmother’s house, Water Park, shop, beach and zoo. Now it is worth visiting the hospital to make sure that the health of each family member is well. Control your characters by creating life situations for them. Study everything around and use objects. Don’t forget to collect your daily entrance gifts.

The game was released in March 2021. It gained more than one million downloads on Play Market in less than 2 months. Its average mark is 4.2 points.

My Town: Hospital allows you to send people to hospital for a full examination. Help them go through all the procedures, do them yourself and prescribe treatment. Become the best doctor. Do MRI, X-ray, weigh babies and clean rooms. The main hall is equipped with comfortable chairs for visitors and those who are waiting for them. There is a TV on the wall, try turning it on. Don’t forget about vending machine with drinks for every taste. Cute aquarium fish help to improve the mood of patients. Do not forget about working at the reception desk, because the papers will not fill themselves in.

Reanimation is a special room with corresponding access rights. There is highly sensitive equipment to support the lives of suffering people. Screens show the pulse and oxygen cylinders supply the lungs. There are also medicines, blood bags for transfusions, IVs and much more. There is another curious room in My Town: Hospital, marked with a creepy radiation icon. In fact, you should not be afraid, because here doctors conduct examination of bones, revealing fractures. After the doctor identifies the fracture, it is necessary to apply a cast or splint, as well as give the patient crutches appropriate for his height. Follow the instructions in order to make a cast correctly.

Create a unique look for each hero of My Town: Hospital, dressing him up to your liking. In order to find new clothes, examine the lockers in the wards. Outfits can be stacked or hung from mannequins. Some of them are available only for donation, but most of them are unlocked after watching a small commercial. Earn hearts every day for a week. In addition, if you missed one day, it is possible to save the progress. Having accumulated a sufficient number of hearts, you can open a gift with new things, clothes and accessories.

The game features cute cartoon graphics with high-quality animation of objects interaction, as well as unobtrusive musical accompaniment. A friendly picture allows games of all ages to play. By the way, the project has an age limit of only 3+, which is why almost any gamer can enjoy it.

My Town: Hospital has a variety of characters to play as. Unfortunately, some of them are blocked. In order to play for them, you need to pay real money. However, there is another way. It is enough to download our mod with all the paid characters unlocked that we offer to you.

We confirm access to unlocked characters already after the first launch. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the game fully using completely different characters. The mod is not dangerous for your smartphone, so feel free to use it.

Gameplay process of My Town: Hospital consists of exploring a huge hospital. The doctors’ offices have everything necessary for examining the internal organs of patients, as well as their further stay in the hospital. Check for yourself the operation of each device. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine is located in a separate office. Do not forget that a medical professional must have not only education, but also a special outfit. Change your robe, shoes, gloves, hat, and face mask. The most important thing in a hospital is sterile cleanliness. Open the cabinet and take a rag, bucket or disinfectant. Help the worker clean up the floors.

Developers thought out each hero, as well as other rooms to the smallest detail. They have everything you need to care for patients. Please note that there are places in the children’s section to make it convenient to change the diaper or even fully wash the baby. Use only baby care products for washing. Since babies need to weigh periodically, use special high precision scales. Please note that the numbers on the scales change as soon as another child is on them. Play a lullaby on the baby’s tape recorder to help them sleep better.

My Town: Hospital can help you to have fun, as well as show children that visiting the hospital is not scary, but on the contrary, it is very fun and interesting. Enjoy every moment spent here, learn a lot and create situations for your characters.

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