Object Hunt Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.5

Object Hunt is an addictive hide and seek game from the developers of Kwalee Ltd with many levels, cool skins, and many positive emotions. Hide and seek gains immense popularity among gamers of all ages. A very exciting process forces your body to release adrenaline and endorphins into your bloodstream. Among the many different applications, it is quite difficult to find something of high quality. Try to complete Object Hunt for a new experience. A simple but high-quality game can delight even the most demanding players. In addition, developers constantly improve their project, periodically adding new interesting content. Download other arcade games like Crazy Chef and Imposter Fight 3D.

The application can boast of more than 10 million downloads on Play Market. Join by challenging other players.

You have to hide from the first level of Object Hunt. There is a process of assigning roles before the start of each round. Participants stand in a circle, while the central arrow selects the leader. He immediately takes on the appearance of funny humanoid pig. The rest of the participants turn into interior items – it can be a hanger, a chair, a wardrobe, a lamp, even a toilet bowl. Be careful, because the faience product in the bedroom looks strange, so be sure to hide where it is completely appropriate. The hiding person’s task is clear, just choose a suitable place and then hope for a successful outcome. If you are among the hiding players, it is worth considering some nuances. Choose secluded, but logical places in relation to the situation. Do not drop objects from the environment, try to settle down as harmoniously as possible.

Those who got the role of a hunter in Object Hunt should try hard, because there will be little time to find all the objects that participants use to hide. The main task is to find as many hiding characters as possible. However, when hidden, you can turn into almost any piece of furniture (table, floor lamp, armchair, closet or bedside table, etc.), equipment (computer, tablet, refrigerator, calculator, etc.) or other objects: trashcan, store rack, flower pot, palm tree, etc.

It is noteworthy that it is possible to change skins only in role of hiding character. So far, only eight outfits are available, among which you can find a creepy resemblance of slender man, a funny pacing goose, as well as other interesting characters. Please note that in order to get the role of hunter during the distribution, you must definitely watch video ad. Otherwise, you will automatically take opposite role. Watch how experience accumulates in progress bar and wait for unlocking new level along with outfits. Future levels also open new cute interior items.

Object Hunt offers users a mediocre graphics, although you can try on various funny skins. The app has fun music and other audio effects.

By earning gold coins upon successful completion of the round, you can spend them profitably. Pay attention to three metrics at bottom of the screen: speed, time and profit. Improving these parameters makes it easier for the character. However, coins are never enough. In order not to experience inconvenience, we offer you to download Object Hunt with unlimited money mod.

We have tested Object Hunt mod to confirm its functionality. Immediately after entering the game, you can find unlimited money on your account. Spend them on improving your hero in order to help him to hide or search in the future. Install the mod and enjoy the unlocked gameplay.

The developers have introduced new ideas into the mechanics, which you can realize during the game. Indeed, none of us can turn into a washing machine or a cactus to hide in real life. However, it is easy! The game is simple in concept, control and mechanics, so you can freely enjoy several hundred levels. There is no plot and level connection.

Object Hunt action takes place in different places. First, the player, along with other participants, gets into an apartment, which consists of several rooms: bedroom, large dining room, neat kitchen and bathroom. You can also play in other places for hide and seek later: office space, shop with adjacent territory, restaurant with parking lot and courtyard, etc.

Note that each level round is limited in time. All camouflage actions require approximately twenty seconds. You can increase this time by upgrading (game currency, cash purchase) up to thirty seconds. The match duration depends on how developing of this indicator. The very first image skin of character-seeker is a pink evil anthropomorphic pig, armed with a baseball bat. Later, you can try on skins of clown, duck, zombie, hunter, astronaut, etc.

The role of the driver falls out to one of the players by accident. Moreover, the game gives hunters some hints. If the seeker is not far from the hiding one, then he can see the inscription: “Someone is nearby!” At this moment, you need to strike at suspicious furniture, equipment and other objects. Hiding players receive corresponding messages. You will be able to evaluate the rating table showing the winners and losers after finishing level. Winners are marked with a perky smiling emoticon.

If you look for interesting hide and seek game, then we suggest you to download Object Hunt. It will let you have fun with its exciting mechanics. It is perfect for players over seven years old, while adults can relax after a hard day at work.

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