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One Night at Flumpty’s is a mobile horror game from indie developer Jonochrome. In this game, you can relive one of the longest nights, playing as a character who finds himself in an unknown place. Look for ways to live longer, experience new emotions and try not to fall into the clutches of a huge demon egg. You have to play his difficult game, snatching victory from the hands of Flumpty and his minions. However, if you can circle him around the finger, you can receive a very good reward. Are you able to live long enough and not surrender to the bloodthirsty demons? For fans of non-standard applications, we also recommend Bendy and the Ink Machine and Zooba.

One Night at Flumpty’s was created by just one developer. Find out why his work is so highly regarded below.

The controls in One Night at Flumpty’s are very well adapted for any player and aren’t difficult for you to get used to it. Just a few buttons well drawn into the game world and informative, but not overloaded with unnecessary things interface. Control everything else through interactive objects in the very interiors of a strange house. In addition, so many elements can change the situation from the player’s action. However, finding and trying to activate them all is not the easiest, but very interesting task.

Plunging into the game world, you immediately understand that something is wrong. There are strange and creepy objects around, terrifying sounds and the light flicker every now and then. Moreover, you meet several strange and terrible demonic antagonists who try to frighten, maim or bring you to the grave. You have to find solutions to strange puzzles, constantly look around and follow the light. Walk around an impressively creepy house and always think is there someone behind you. Creepy faces that appear out of nowhere, a greedy gaze and hands that reach out to you – all this brings many emotions and can tickle your nerves. Show that you are tough as flint and that you won’t succumb to tricks and intimidation.

One Night at Flumpty’s allows you to meet a talking cactus, a nose that makes compliments to you and even barking inscriptions. The images on the walls that tell you what your tormentors eat are very informative and cause genuine emotions. Did you see someone sitting in the toilet and reading a newspaper? Take a closer look at it, even there you can find something interesting! Find an endoskeleton in the character’s mouth or maybe something else – just find out.

Your main opponent is Flumpty Bumpty – seemingly, it is just an egg on legs, however, a real devil is hiding behind a deceptive cute appearance. He is the person who kidnapped you and makes you go through all these torments. Night calls with threats of murder, blocking doors, snake tongue and human eyes before murder – all this still can scare you. Look on other scary characters you can meet on your way in One Night at Flumpty’s:

As we mentioned earlier, only one person is responsible for the entire graphic component in One Night at Flumpty’s. Unique stylistics, hand-drawn interiors and characters, while the hand of a real master is visible. The interface is simple and straightforward, looks great and only arouses approval. The sound component skillfully matches the style of the game and makes you sit in suspense, shudder with fear, but plunge into this world repeatedly.

Google Play Store offers this game on a paid basis. However, thanks to our mod, you can enjoy this work of the gaming industry at any time free, without any difficulties.

Based on the results, we confirm the correct operation of paid mod for One Night at Flumpty’s. After installing the modified version, you get free and unlimited access to the game. Don’t worry, the game is also completely safe for your smartphone. Antivirus scan showed that installation file doesn’t contain any malware.

The gameplay is very similar to FNAF games, but it has its own unique features. You have to survive the night together with Flumpty and his assistants, who are always trying to get to you. Use objects of the environment and follow them using the tablet. You also have the ability to close doors in front of opponents, turn off and on the light, as well as find a way to win thanks to various tips in the interiors.

One Night at Flumpty’s is an addicting game created by just one person, but it can plunge you into fear and bring many unforgettable emotions. Interesting style and very high-quality implementation cause only positive emotions, and we give you the opportunity to enjoy it free.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of One Night at Flumpty’s before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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