ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is a game based on the popular anime One Piece. Get access to a large number of popular heroes with own unique abilities. Improve and upgrade your heroes, unlocking new abilities useful for fighting on the battlefield. The main plot goes alongside with anime events. In addition, you can use a large number of ships that can be useful in battles. The game also delights you with a simple and enjoyable gameplay understandable to everyone. For RPG fans, we recommend Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition and Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE has more than 5 million players and more than 600 thousand positive reviews. We offer you to find out its main features.

The developers of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE have added ships from the original series. The following ships are available for purchase: Luffy’s Small Boat, Going Merry, Baratie, Standard Marine Ship, Coffin Boat and Miss Love Duck. You can purchase all these ships throughout the game. At the same time, ships change your gaming experience and statistics. You can invest in an already purchased watercraft to upgrade it and improve its parameters. Upgraded ships help you win easier victories in battle and allow you to win where you lost before.

The game features a huge number of anime characters. Moreover, all characters have own upgrading system. The more money you invest in leveling your character, the more effective his abilities in battle. In addition to the standard leveling system, you can improve the character by opening new abilities, appearance and gradation by stars. For example, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE provides all characters with three options for appearance. All these characters are canonical in the original anime series, differing in parameters, roles and behavior. In addition, each character has unique skills and abilities taken from the original work.

In addition to unique and distinctive characters, as well as ships, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE carefully transfers the locations that you loved in the anime. You can visit the places you wanted to visit when you viewed the original work on the screen. For example, players have access to such places as Fusia Village, Goat Island, Shells Town, Syrup Village, Baratie and Loguetown. Moreover, it is a smaller part of the available locations. There are also various familiar opponents in the game, as well as new ones: Soro, Heppoko, Poppoko and Peppoko, Rokkaku, Kaneshiro and Shioyaki. All opponents differ in abilities, behavior, characteristics, appearance and skills.

Visually, ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE repeats the style of original anime, which many people loved so much. The developers worked out all the characters in detail and perfectly detailed the locations and game objects. Overall design can really surprise you with the quality of work done. Pleasant interface does not force the player to think about unnecessary problems. All the game menus are simple and straightforward. Music immerses you deeper into the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. In total, game sounds pleasantly focus your attention on the gameplay process.

If you want to complete a large number of missions in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE, you must have well-trained characters and a team with no weaknesses. In order to achieve this effect, you have to spend quite a lot of time playing the game or pay real money to get a large number of advantages. Not all players agree to spend a huge amount of time or real money for improving game characters. However, we can help you with this problem. Download our mod to win even the most difficult battles with high damage and god mode in ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE.

We confirm that you can use a special menu in the left screen corner after the game launch. There the player can customize several characteristics. You can adjust the following parameters: god mode, maximum card space and damage indicator. The latter can vary from 1 to 100. The larger the number, the stronger the damage. Moreover, you can turn off these cheats and play the game with standard settings at any time during adventure. We also checked installation file security to guarantee you that there is no malware. Just install the mod using our instructions below.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE reminds an RPG with TCG elements. You have to improve and buy ships, find, receive and upgrade various characters. There is also a large number of different missions, while the gameplay resembles a tap-fighting game.

ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE is an excellent game based on the cult anime that immerses you in a familiar and beloved story. It also provides much more interactivity and the ability to influence what is happening yourself.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of ONE PIECE TREASURE CRUISE before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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