3D Mod APK (Unlocked All) 1.6.3 3D is an arcade game for Android devices from VOODOO, a company specializing in 3D apps. During the game, practice a kind of painting on smooth surfaces. Color in all the unique 3D objects on your way and prevent other players from invading your territory, as well as train your reaction. If you love colorful games where you need to decorate objects, then we recommend you Tie Dye. For fans of the same projects that require a quick reaction from the player, our team advise you to check out the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog ™ Classic.

Paint objects in 3D as you drive over them with a colored strip that remains behind you. Don’t bump into other members or die. Rotate in different directions by touching with your finger.

Play with your friends or other members online at 3D. Color the entire figure first, leaving the others behind you. The task is not easy, because others pursue the same goals and deliberately hinder and oppose you. Matches allow you to compete with rivals and paint the figure over its entire area. Only in this game, you can face the simultaneous calmness and spirit of competition. Relax playing this game and enjoy the process while your line paints more new areas, but don’t lose sight of other masters. On the one hand, this mode of simultaneous play with users makes the game unimaginably difficult and annoying. However, on the other hand, it becomes more exciting and unusual.

Developers presented 3D with simple controls with just one touch of your finger. Compared to other games with joysticks, or a certain set of actions to play, this gameplay seems very easy and even boring. Nevertheless, as soon as you start playing longer, new opportunities open up for you. If you want to control your own colored cube or already open character, you just need to move your finger in the right direction where the object needs to be turned. You can even play without leaving the screen, smoothly sliding your finger along the desired trajectory. Therefore, it is much easier and faster to paint everything in your path, bypassing your online rivals. Moreover, don’t relax and follow the trajectory of your opponent’s path. If he collides with you, you automatically lose. Protect your territory and paint over as much area around you as possible.

When you start playing, you have the simplest shape – a cube. Decorate it, capturing as large a site as possible with your color to earn stars. In-game currency allows you to discover new interesting objects for further games. The more your progress as a percentage of filling figure area, the more you get when you lose. Looking forward to the undiscovered levels, you can see not only the usual geometric shapes in 3D, but also a variety of objects and animals. For example, ice cream, banana, or just an asterisk. We can only guess how many items the developers provide us for the game. All of these figures helps you to relax while painting them. Just paint and see how smoothly your color covers more and more new areas of the object.

Don’t think 3D is so simple and can get bored quickly. It has the most important thing – the spirit of competition. Painting over more and more new shapes, you can not only create your own site, but also enter someone else’s territory, taking it. The most important thing is not to bump into the participants and their tail, otherwise the game stops and you have to play again. However, don’t worry, as all past results are saved and you can continue coloring where you left off. 3D has unusual 3D graphics format, where all the shapes look very smooth and soft, and you want to paint them repeatedly. There is no musical accompaniment in the game. However, you can turn on your music and it’s a really cool advantage.  

Our mod for 3D can help you great during the game, since with it you can open all locations and skins. Don’t wait until you accumulate the required number of stars and complete level after level. Open immediately and enjoy! In addition, you won’t see no more ads.

After installing 3D, you get all skins at your disposal. You can draw not only with a cube, but also with a cute animal or a pirate ship. Also bring to your attention all the starting locations that are now unlocked. Moreover, our mod provides fun gameplay without ads. We checked installation file for viruses and malwares and we guarantee that it’s completely safe for your Android device.

Color in as many shapes as possible and get ahead of your rivals. With a simple movement of your finger, move along the screen in the desired direction, closing the end of your snake to form a section. Make more and more of these areas without colliding with your opponents. Carefully select their territory while they are busy painting on the other side. A huge variety of shapes and objects makes your game extremely interesting. 3D is a fun casual game that helps you relax and immerse yourself in the world of 3D shapes. Turn a gray shape into a colorful and lively one with the touch of your finger. Discover new objects for your painting talents with our mod. It opens everything locked for you at once and gives new territories for creativity!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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