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PC Creator – PC Building Simulator is a high-quality simulator that enables the gamer to become a personal PC assembler. Using various parts and tools, a gamer can assemble stationary computers and put them up for sale at a high cost. In order to build a high quality and cool PC, user has to experiment with various components, including a chipset and RAM. Moreover, the player have a chance to install software, since without it computer cannot work adequately so customer will be unhappy with the final result. For simulator fans, our team also recommends you to play Idle Ants – Simulator Game and Bus Simulator: Ultimate.

Develop PC games by playing on your Android device. Read more about this simulator in our review.

This simulator presents each player with a completely new gaming experience, as well as interesting pastime and a lot of useful and applicable knowledge that can be useful to you in the future in assembling a real computer. PC Creator – PC Building Simulator allows the user to try himself in role of technical geek in a small garage. Take several orders for his friends, collecting personal computers from budget components.

Get the first sum of money for several successfully completed orders and invest it in the purchase of more expensive, high quality and cooler components for assembling computers. Publish an advertisement about yourself and take orders from businesspersons and large popular companies. PC Creator – PC Building Simulator provides with opportunity not only to assemble personal computers, but also to install OS. Check various programs, and then test games that are heavy for the processor. Overclock the power of the device, repair and replace parts, and in addition search for cryptocurrency to receive additional funds.

Take your first orders from friends you know, complete them and get positive reviews that you will need in the future as a kind of portfolio. Moreover, it’s not superfluous to build a hand. Turn from a beginner to a professional in your field. Take orders, at first cooperating with your friends, and later with large companies, improve your real skills and improve in your endeavors.

The developers perfectly worked out PC Creator – PC Building Simulator in all its aspects. The application delights gamers with an attractive low-poly graphics style, a rather interesting setting and a wide range of possibilities that appear before the players.

PC Creator – PC Building Simulator has modified version that gives you an opportunity to use unlimited money. Just to exchange bitcoins for in-game currency and use it the way you want. Moreover, with our help you can get access to all items that you can purchase only for real money donations. Therefore, mod includes options for unlimited money use and free shopping.

We checked the functionality of mod for PC Creator – PC Building Simulator. According to the test results, we can assure you that everything stated above corresponds reality and works great. In addition, our team used an antivirus to check the project for viruses. Don’t worry, the game is completely safe.

As for the gameplay, here it is quite original and exciting. You have a programmer at your disposal. He is capable not only of developing various applications, but also well versed in the internal components of a PC. After a while, you open your own small business and not only assemble portable devices, but also install software, modify processors, find and eliminate the causes of computer breakdown.

At the very beginning, the user have nothing more than a small room with a small table and computer. Customers come to you with a desire to assemble a PC, upgrade a processor or hand over a device for repair. Developers of PC Creator – PC Building Simulator worked out the gameplay as realistically as possible. You need to buy chipsets, battery packs, internal components and monitor the compatibility of components. Otherwise, the personal computer will simply not work to the disappointment of your client.

In addition, a gamer can test a PC in modern heavy applications, and if the tests yield a positive result, then a monetary reward drops into the player’s piggy bank.

PC Creator – PC Building Simulator is a project, as close as possible to reality, which provides an opportunity to spend leisure time informally and entertainingly. This game is a real choice for those who are interested in this niche and for novice programmers who work out their initial skills and abilities. The game leaves a pleasant impression even for those who don’t even interested in PCs. Here you can learn a lot of new information and work out your skills in various aspects.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of PC Creator – PC Building Simulator before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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