Pencil Rush 3D Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 0.7.0

Pencil Rush 3D is interesting project made in unusual casual style. Choose the colored pencil you like and start exciting race. You need to control pencils on racetrack and go around all obstacles on the way. Just add pencils of different color to your collection to make the game even more interesting. Go around other participants and cross finish line first. As you move along the location, a colored trail follows your team, allowing you to paint real picture that can cheer you up. Among other casual games, we recommend you Blade Forge 3D and Teacher Simulator.

Gismart developers have repeatedly delighted users with their fascinating projects. This time, their new game also turned out to be quite interesting.

Pencil Rush 3D allows you to take control of colored pencils, using your agility to overcome pitfalls. You can also add other pencils to your collection along the way, making the drawings more varied in terms of fullness and depth. The more pencils you collect in several rows, the more coins you can receive later. It is important to be careful and use your reaction to walk the distance without loss.

Pencil Rush 3D has very simple and convenient controls, so you can do many different actions with just one touch of your finger. Developers decided to add many traps in path of your pencils, because this way it becomes much more fun to spend time. If you hit any obstacle, you lose pencils from your team. You will never have too many of them, so do not be careless about it. If you do not want to lose, then carefully follow location boundaries. If you go beyond its limits, then your pencils will fall into the abyss, so be more careful.

By the way, Pencil Rush 3D also has upgrading system for your pencils. In total, you can improve three parameters – Count, Strength and Paint. Each of these parameters has 10 levels to upgrade. Count parameter allows you to attract more pencils, Strength affects its power and Paint helps you paint the board more strongly at the end of each level. Each upgrade requires coins. You earn coins as you go through locations – the more pencils you collect at the end of level, the more money you get. It is also possible to increase its amount by viewing ads..

Pencil Rush 3D project has three-dimensional graphics, as the game name says. In addition, picture turned out to be very colorful and bright because of pencils of various colors. Beautiful drawing after each level only complements the visual game atmosphere. There are practically no sounds during the gameplay process, but it is not the main thing here.

As we said, you need coins to improve your pencils in Pencil Rush 3D. Many coins. You can accumulate them for a long time, completing tons of levels or just download our unlimited money mod. Your money balance will only increase even during active spending. It is very convenient and allows you not to spend additional effort on playthrough.

Our team has tested Pencil Rush 3D mod. It works as follows: you need to earn some coins for the first pencil improvement. Further, when spending, amount of resources will only increase. Therefore, you can easily upgrade all three parameters to the maximum level in just a few seconds. Such an approach not only makes the gameplay easier, but also makes it more varied and interesting. Just follow simple instructions below to take all the advantage of our solution.

Modern users are already accustomed to the fact that numerous developers of time killer apps are actively involved in release of a variety of puzzles and casual arcades. Such projects do not overload players with storylines and its gameplay is quite simple. It so happened that users are already tired of similar projects, so it becomes more difficult for developers to surprise their fans. New gameplay templates are actively being invented, but some studios go even further, offering the market a fundamentally new look at creating games. This is exactly what Gismart developers did, offering users unique new experience of drawing with pencils and overcoming obstacles.

Pencil Rush 3D is a fun dynamic arcade where you need to participate in unusual races. This project does not require active Internet connection, so you can enjoy cool gameplay from anywhere in the world. Pass the waiting time, even in extreme conditions and throw yourself a challenge, overcoming obstacles. You will have to try hard to fulfill the previously set goals.

If you are tired of monotony, then Pencil Rush 3D is worth a try. This game is suitable for both adults and children.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Pencil Rush 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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