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Penguin Isle is an interesting clicker game where your primary task is to breed penguins on the island. Your ultimate goal is to earn as much money as possible in order to equip the location with everything you need, as well as open all kinds of penguins and other animals. The speed of your development depends on how much time you spend in the game. It is very interesting to watch what the penguins are doing here. These little creatures make you constantly be touched, because they are always busy with something, be it fishing, construction or cooking. Upgrade penguins, unlock other animals and build all new structures on an epic island located somewhere far away in Antarctica. If you are interested in animal games, we recommend you Dog Town, and for fans of colorful clickers, we recommend Idle Pirate Tycoon.

Penguin Isle is definitely an interesting game. However, to make it even more interesting, we will describe its main features.

The gameplay comes down to the need to develop your iceberg, gradually improving it in all characteristics. It’s actually quite simple – you just have to buy eggs, breed new penguins. Improve the buildings on the island and gradually get more money to buy new improvements. That is, the gameplay as a whole is no different from what you already do in other similar games. Here the developers decided not to put pressure on the user with various conventions, forcing him to constantly poke at the display or look into it, expecting something new. No, the developers of Penguin Isle provide you with the opportunity to play comfortably, enjoying pleasant graphics and a completely understandable gameplay. It doesn’t bother at all and provides an opportunity to enjoy what is happening. The only question is whether you like the setting.

Penguin Isle introduces you to the wonderful birds – penguins. You build them quarries, a flower garden and many other sites, where the penguins do their things. The variety of penguins in the game is also at its best – from the most common, to royal and imperial. In addition, you encounter model penguins who ask you to take pictures and pay you additional money. By the way, you can send screenshot to Instagram, sharing this way with friends. Not only birds can live on the island, but also other animals that collect when looking for cards, such as seals/hares/bulls. This diversifies the location and brings you even more funds.

Leveling up the island in Penguin Isle takes place in several stages. Let’s dwell on them in a little more detail:

Thus, the level of the island rises, and you become richer. Everything is extremely simple – try it yourself.

The graphics in Penguin Isle are very nice, high quality rendering. Penguins are very mobile, as each species has its own duties. They either swim or slide down the slide, so you can always just watch your pets and have fun without even performing any other actions. In addition, in the game settings, you can choose the graphics quality you need. Therefore, the game can work even on weak devices. During the gameplay, calm and soothing music plays in the background.

Since Penguin Isle is a clicker, money is paramount here. However, in the regular version of the game, you earn money quite slowly so that you can get bored. That is why we suggest you to download free shopping mod for and thus increase your gaming capital very quickly.

We tested Penguin Isle and free shopping mod. As a result, our editors confirm the correct and high-quality operation of the modified version. It is also completely safe for your devices. Download and enjoy fully unlocked gameplay.

Penguin Isle is a warm and cozy game. Despite the setting with an iceberg, it is quite easy to use and does not require complex manipulations from the player. You just need to click on the display for the first time to get the required amount of virtual currency. Then you buy the automation of collecting gold and just enjoy what is happening on the display, along the way collecting hearts and other bonuses. A very worthy performance of the genre already familiar to everyone – you really want to play such a game every day.

Penguin Isle is a clicker worth seeing. This game differs from its competitors by a wide variety of improvements, animals and buildings. These cute and funny penguins won’t leave indifferent any gamer.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Penguin Isle before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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