Pet Rescue Saga Mod APK (Lives/Boosters) 1.286.13

Pet Rescue Saga is a match-3 puzzle game from the famous King studio. Your main task is to help four-legged friends and get them out from the hands of bloodthirsty poachers. Connect objects in chains, use boosters and try to complete all the tasks. Just combine objects on the field in different chains, remove them and solve puzzles. A large selection of different boosters can help you during the game. If you are a fan of this kind of games, then try Candy Crush Saga and Storyngton Hall.

Pet Rescue Saga has over 100 million downloads from official sources. Find out why this game won over so many people from our review.

Match-3 games are famous to almost all categories of users – from young children to homemakers. Moreover, almost everyone loves this genre. Collect three or more stones of the same color in a row and clear the playing field. An important point in this game, as in any other, is the miscalculation of moves. You must imagine what can happen to the playing field after your actions through several stages. Having solved the problem on the level, you can free the four-legged pet from the poacher hands. However, you need to use life to start the level. Pet Rescue Saga represents this parameter as a heart that recovers every hour. If you manage to complete the task, then hearts number remain the same. In the event when players screw up the task, they have only four hearts to replay the level.

Now, Pet Rescue Saga has several hundred missions. Moreover, they all vary in complexity – from simple to difficult. Initially, the simplest locations are waiting for you, where you do not need to think for a long time. However, it becomes more difficult to play over time. In addition, the design of locations and types of stones is constantly changing. The game constantly delights players with new content as you progress, so that the user could have an incentive to play further.

Cannot complete the puzzle task? Use various bombs and other boosters to achieve the desired effect. If you are stuck at a certain level, you can buy the number of moves, blow up inaccessible stones or smash diamonds with hammer. There are a lot of different bonuses and boosters. The developers really tried to diversify the gameplay and come up with even more interesting innovations.

The global goal of Pet Rescue Saga is to free pets from cages and save them from poachers. In addition to puppies, you have to save rabbits, piglets and other pets. Members of Greenpeace and other animal welfare organizations will definitely love this masterpiece from King Studios.

The worked out gameplay and bright graphics make Pet Rescue Saga one of the most interesting puzzles. With its striking visuals, playing Pet Rescue Saga is pure pleasure. However, the game can delight fans not only with high-quality gameplay, but also with excellent audio accompaniment. Each new level differs from the previous one in its visual component and increasing complexity. The project can open up an interesting adventure for you.

One of the problems with the gameplay comes down to the fact that you only have 5 lives. This option does not cause discomfort at the beginning. Nevertheless, later levels become more difficult, which is why there are always not enough lives. One life restores in an hour, which is certainly a very long time. However, you can download the mod for unlimited lives, as well as boosters.

We have tested functionality of Pet Rescue Saga on numerous devices for the convenience of our users. Indeed, after installing the mod, you get an unlimited number of lives, so you don’t have to wait for them to recover. Moreover, you can enjoy infinite boosters, but you must have at least one booster to use the rest. In addition, installation file has no malware.

Pet Rescue Saga is a very interesting puzzle that can help you have fun and interesting time. This game has a stylish design and unique mechanics. It has a plot lacking in other games of this genre. The app can definitely appeal to players of all ages.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Delete the original version of Pet Rescue Saga before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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