Piano Fire – EDM Music Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.22

Piano Fire – EDM Music & New Rhythm is a new part of unique game that allows you to play keyboards without musical education. There is a mixture of several genres and concepts. Interest in the game easily unites creative people and those who cannot imagine their life without achieving new records. Here you can always find fresh music and exciting levels based on its rhythm. The essence of whole gameplay is to press on advancing platforms in time and hold them for as long as necessary. Slight minus plays in the background, while instrumental filling itself is already yours. Take on the role of conductor, drummer, guitarist and pianist. Check out also Magical Tiles 3 and Tiles Hop: EDM Rush.

Piano Fire is a new part of the beloved game series. All the details are in our review.

Piano Fire asks you to select instrument and song you want to play. At this stage, game offers you 4 types of tools:

Each musical composition can boast of high quality, while the sounds perfectly match running panels. Good news is that you can choose music from the world’s top of the most popular songs, kindly provided here in the form of list. Play songs from the general top and charts, access to which is paid. You can add the most favorite songs to “liked” list so as not to lose.

Piano Fire offers several modes. In addition to classic playthrough, there are challenges and online battles. Challenges are difficult levels, for completing which you receive rewards and points. You need four players to fight online (you and three more). Its essence is that all gamers play the same song in real time, but each performs only his own half of sounds. Mode divides the field into four sections, each of which corresponds to specific performer. Everyone follows only their own path and pays no attention to others. After comparison of points, each player earned game selects a winner. Earn more points for accurate clicks on running platforms.

We should say right away that gameplay in Piano Fire is quite complicated. Developer specially selected such music tracks so that their rhythm could confuse you. This is about dance music. You have special musical tiles of different lengths running on the screen. If the tile is small, then it is enough just to click on it. If the tile is long, then you must press and hold the button until the tile ends. Speed of tiles movement within a single track can vary, so be prepared for surprises. For the rewards you receive, you can quickly open the tracks you want. In-game shops sells music in whole albums, which greatly simplifies the process of searching and buying.

Piano Fire meets the user with familiar graphics and soundtrack. This is not to say that developers has not improved graphics engine in any way, but for the naked eye, the changes are minimal. Main emphasis here is on quality of soundtrack and recorded compositions that you play.

In-game currency received for completing songs is in short supply, so game constantly persuades you to donate. However, you can avoid this by downloading mod for unlimited amount of money and crystals. Use it to unblock any track, as well as continue trying to complete the game if you get out of rhythm.

Based on the results Piano Fire testing, we guarantee you the correct unlimited money mod performance. It may be very useful to you during completing of difficult levels, as well as replenishing the collection of your songs. By the way, installation file achieved great marks in safety testing, so you don’t have to worry about your smartphone data.

The described project can greet you with a long list of songs, most of which closed for you. The thing is that it is quite difficult to cope with dynamic dance tracks a beginner. Therefore, you can try only calm melodies on the piano at first. As you level up your profile, you can open new tracks, which complexity noticeably grows. Meet this gameplay process in the classic mode, focused on passing tracks and setting records.

Every person these days is a music lover, but what if you was offered not only to listen, but also to play your favorite compositions. Piano Fire has retained all the best moments from previous projects and included new gameplay features. App makes it possible to play not only one musical instrument, but also combine several at once. Not a single program has ever offered to become a human orchestra.

Piano Fire may appeal to all music lovers, as well as those who are always looking for a new challenge for themselves.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Piano Fire before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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