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Pixel Combats 2 is a logical continuation of a first-person shooter game with cubic graphics, similar to Minecraft. Here, the gamer has the opportunity to converge in shootouts with other players during massive battles. With this in mind, you can destroy everything that comes to hand in the game locations. Make defensive structures that can protect you from attacks by enemies. In addition, the player has a large assortment of firearms, various original game modes and a practical control panel. Pixel Combats 2 developers have implemented all this exclusively for a comfortable and enjoyable game process. For those who like this genre, we have prepared Pixel Gun 3D and Idle Mastermind.

Find out about the main features of the game from our review.

Since Pixel Combats 2 is a shooter game with other online users. It is a logical continuation of the sensational project with elements of sandbox and action. Here you can find gameplay components from Counter Strike and Minecraft with complete freedom of action. Due to this, you can destroy and construct new buildings right during the match, joking at your enemies. Create traps and various obstacles or try various cunning maneuvers and much more.

The developers of Pixel Combats 2 presented users with a wide range of firearms, large number of colorful locations and servers. Use an opportunity to participate in massive active matches in 12v12 format. Here users can find curious cubic graphics, practical control panel, varied interface and an interesting storyline. Among other advantages, we should mention chests with valuable prizes and play money, large number of locations and wide range of weapons.

The user doesn’t have to rack his brains in search of answers to various questions. What button to press and do with the item you need? Everything is pretty practical and simple. There is a special section in screen field area for questions that arise. By going into this section, you can get answers to all your questions.

Pixel Combats 2, as well as in Minecraft has 3D cubic-pixel graphics, which provides stunning optimization and performance even on the weakest mobile devices with medium settings and graphics.

The main feature of Pixel Combats 2 mod is unlimited ammo for all weapons, which are already unlocked. Choose whatever you want, because your account has all unlocked arsenal with unlimited bullets to shoot.

We tested the unlimited ammo feature for Pixel Combats 2. Based on the results of our test, we saw that everything stated meets the requirements. From the very first entry into the game, you have an option to use all the weapons, as they are unlocked. Thanks to this feature, you can choose any weapon to go on battlefield. Moreover, now, all weapons have unlimited ammo. Actually, there are 1000 bullets for you in any gun you choose. There is no need to reload your weapon or find ammunition during the battle.

Initially, the developers conceived levels walkthrough and certain number of victories to open one or another weapon. Thanks to our mod, you don’t need to waste time and suffer with the walkthrough of difficult level. Everything becomes much simpler with unlocked guns.

If you are sitting right now and deciding what to play: Counter Strike or Minecraft, we have the answer! Pixel Combats 2 is a stunning combination of two legendary games with complete freedom of action, ability to construct, destroy and participate in fierce battles with real people online. There are many game servers, where the same game life is constantly boiling.

As in Counter Strike game, user can unpack different cases that contain the most unexpected prizes. The game currency can be used for various improvements and upgrading elements. Take off into the air, construct various structures, make fun of enemies and allies – do whatever you want. With a strong desire, the user is able to throw blocks of lava on the enemy’s lands.

Pixel Combats 2 is an original game project that contains all the most important things of two legendary games, and is able to lure both a child and an adult. Here the user can have fun in his free time, receive a sea of ​​positive emotions. Communicate with like-minded people, defeat opponents and receive many interesting and unexpected awards from cases. The main thing is to be on the wave of unbridled fun and complete mayhem!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Pixel Combats 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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