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Nowadays, casual action games have begun to gain great popularity. Its passage rather helps to pass time with unusual, easy, but interesting gameplay. There is no any plot and usually it is necessary just to achieve certain goals. Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game has managed to interest an audience of over 5 million people, considering that developers released it in December 2020. Its stable rating in Play Market is 4.1. Game is available on both Android and IOS. If you like easy arcade or action games, then our team can also recommend Stick War: Legacy and Flippy Knife.

This arcade runner has managed to interest a considerable number of players who are passionate about action games. Pixel Rush has many features that distinguish it from the commonplace arcade games.

As you understand from game name, most of items here are pixels. During your adventure along the path, it is possible to collect pixel components easily. Main character itself consists of many pixel blocks, and when falling into various kinds of traps, you can lose some of these details, which threatens to lose level.

Pixel Rush has the ability to create a unique character figure. Game settings allow you to create an individual character image that can differ significantly from other ones. Going to Shop tab, you can find various body shapes, shoes, gloves and hats that you can obtain during the next run to finish line. Create your unique image of a pixel hero using all the possibilities that game provides.

Perhaps this is one of those action arcade games, where interesting, and most importantly, useful rewards are waiting for players at every step. Main goal of every 5-10 levels in Pixel Rush is to fill the gift capsule with required number of pixels to get the main prize. Three typed keys guarantee the opening of three chests, each of which can contain from 5 to 100 experience stars. In addition, sometimes it is possible to get more valuable prize – a wardrobe item.

Playful and pleasant music plays in the background. It is non-distracting and fits perfectly into the game atmosphere. Throughout the race, character encounters interesting traps that he needs to overcome correctly. Gameplay process also features an ax can whistle or laser sparking, while further you can hear a spring sound that helps player to move to high floors. Collection of blue stars also has a bright and clear sound. All the music and sound environment in Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game helps to plunge into this arcade-running atmosphere.

Overall, graphical component boasts 3D style. Main character itself consists of 3D pixel blocks, like all traps, race line and even reward chests. Color scheme is bright, as usually you can see yellow, orange and green items. This bright attractive range cannot but set you up for victory.

As we mentioned above, you can collect blue stars while completing levels of Pixel Rush and use them later on buying clothes and accessories for the main character. Player can spend 750 stars to unlock a random shoe, 550 stars to get one of 18 featured gloves and 750 stars for one of 23 glamorous hats. Each level of the game can bring you up to 100 stars, which is not enough to buy a good image. Nevertheless, you can collect your image free. Just install our mod for unlimited stars that add an unlimited supply of game currency to your account. Play a pixel game with a ready-made image!

Our team tested the unlimited money mod for Pixel Rush on several Android devices. We confirm its full functionality. Already at the first launch, you get almost endless supply of stars that you can easily spend on various skin accessories. In addition, we also have tested installation file on viruses to confirm its safety. Just follow our simple recommendations below to install the game correctly.

Pixel Rush starts with easy first level, which introduces us to gray barriers, hitting which takes away some details of main character body. Your main task is not to collide with obstacles and save as many pixels as possible in order to fill the reward box. The higher the level, the more difficult traps you may face and the harder escape becomes. After all, if you fall into a number of different traps, having lost all parts of pixel man, it is necessary to start level again. By completing fifth level, main character starts flying axes, laser lattices and other equally dangerous traps on his way to victory.

Once every five levels, you can come across bonus levels, which include an empty field equipped with springs and a large number of blue stars. There are no traps at this level, so the main task here is to collect all the stars and open treasured chest. Main menu in Pixel Rush contains a tab with a store, where each player has the opportunity to transform his hero by adding accessories and wardrobe items. You can open them using stars or just find them on your arcade path.

Pixel Rush is perfect for players who love fast-paced arcade quests and action games. Simple and eye-catching graphics with atmospheric sound effects can help you enjoy the process. No need to talk in vain, it’s time to start the race, avoiding obstacles and opening up new opportunities for cool pixel man.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Pixel Rush – Epic Obstacle Course Game before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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