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PK XD by PlayKids Inc studio is a mobile analogue of a social network, an application in which a child can communicate without borders with his peers. The essence is to give the little user complete freedom to move around the virtual space. This is a kind of interactive social network with avatars of participants, personal houses, a system of tasks, both single and multiplayer, as well as mini-games. PK XD is easiest to imagine as a separate virtual sandbox world where users, controlling their heroes can do whatever they want within the outlined rules. The game has perfect protection from data leaks and fraudsters, which favorably distinguishes it from the rest.

Read on to discover the key benefits of PK XD.

As in Avakin Life, at the very beginning, you need to create your own avatar. The game can definitely surprise you by the impressive number of settings that you can use to create an almost complete virtual copy of your face. Character editor allows you to buy the initial clothing for your character. On the start, you have some capital that you can spend on the most unusual things, but it is better to save it for changing the design of the house.

The house will be your starting point to the wonderful world here. Changing the design of your home starts with the fact that you need to choose a specific layout template. The game provides more templates as you stay in this world, but the initial options deserve your attention too. You can enter the room editing mode with the help of special device.

This mode in PK XD divides your living space squares within which you can place pieces of furniture. Here you can find not only a classic bed, wardrobe, bathtub, toilet, sideboard and much more, but various decorative items, including flower pots, confetti cannons, toys, inflatable pools, paintings and etc.

A large city divided into separate islands opens in front of you outside the walls of your house. On every island, you can find something to do. There are entertainment centers where you can take part in maze races. You can find a school that you can walk around and even visit some classrooms. There are walking areas created for comfortable communication between users. Part-time work is a separate kind of leisure here. For example, you can serve pizza on time. Such work does not take a lot of time and provides you with honestly earned money.

The graphics in PK XD have animated style. Given that the developers originally designed project for young children, it is not surprising that after the launch, the players actually find themselves in an interactive cartoon. Developers selected the sound component of the project in the same way. Playful soundtracks, voice acting of avatars, which are often used in cartoons – in total, all this allow you to immerse yourself in an exciting gameplay.

Despite the variety of actions the player can take in PK XD, everything comes at a price. That’s why developers have introduced in-game currency, which gamers can earn by completing various tasks and even working. In any case, such a process is routine and as close as possible to real life.

If you want to spend money without counting, then you were probably looking for a modified version of the game. Once installed, it could provide you with unlimited gold coins. You can spend this money on entertainment, clothes for your character, or even furnishing and renovating your home.

However, our team was unable to find a working unlimited money mod for PK XD. The only feature that actually works only offers to disable ads in the app. This is also very good, especially considering the fact that ads appear almost every minute in the game and are insanely annoying. In order to take full advantage of this feature, you just need to download it on our website and install it on your Android device. There is no need to carry out any additional actions.

Our team has tested the functionality of this mod and can guarantee its complete safety of use. All the stated options work flawlessly. You won’t longer see annoying ads after the first launch.

A few words about controls. The gameplay manipulation mechanism in PK XD resembles third-person shooter. All controllers necessary for the user are located on the quick access panel. A joystick is located under the user’s left hand to control the hero movements. Under the right are the keys for dancing, communicating with emojis and jumping. If you want to use a certain object within the sight of you character, just click on it with your finger.

The developers thought that interactive sandboxes would be the next step in the evolution of social media, but for now, they just remain good games. If you have been looking for something similar for yourself and your child for a long time, then hurry up to download PK XD. The concept of a “gaming social network” looks very interesting. There is enough content, data protection is at a high level, and thanks to the different audience, it won’t be difficult to find an interlocutor by age. It’s definitely worth getting to know the game closer. Moreover, if you like such games in zombie genre, then download State of Survival. 

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of PK XD before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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