Pokémon GO Mod APK (Fake GPS) 0.207.1

Pokémon GO is a multiplayer project that literally from the first days of its appearance on the network has captured a multi-million audience of players with its unusual gameplay and even the very idea. The game offers to gather a collection of legendary Pokémon creatures. Train these monsters and send them to to fight rival Pokémon on arena. Nevertheless, most of the time, the player have to look for animals on the streets, in parks, buildings and other public spaces. Searches require the use of your smartphone with turned on geolocation function and access the network. In addition, if you love projects with a big name, then we have prepared for you Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic and Dead Cells.

Pokémon GO appeared thanks to development company Niantic in 2016. To date, the game boasts over 100 million downloads and a 4.1 point rating.

After downloading the game to your device, you have to register on the official website. Moreover, only players over 16 years old can do this, while younger gamers have to confirm registration through their parents. First, the player needs to create an avatar so that other players could know about an upcoming opponent. Only after all these actions, you can go hunting. We recommend hunting on the streets, in parks and near water. In a word, it is great option to explore the world around you using the game augmented reality.

Using the smartphone camera, player of Pokémon GO needs to study the area if there is a signal of one of the game characters hiding. Noticing a monster on the screen, you need to throw a pokeball at him by means of a swipe movement. In this case, it is necessary to monitor the distance traveled. The longer it is, the stronger the Pokemon becomes and the more difficult it is to catch it. At the first levels, the hunt is quite simple, and you can replenish your collection albeit quickly. However, it won’t include the most powerful creatures. The more the player’s level rises, the more powerful Pokémon come across. Grow monstersin your own incubator to replenish collection, but you still have to look for eggs in real world.

After reaching a certain level in Pokémon GO, the player has the opportunity to visit a gym or training base, where creatures can increase its experience and become more powerful. Team battles also take place in the training room. Therefore, you can witness not only fighting abilities of your monsters but also its transformation into other types.

The creators of Pokémon GO managed to create a graphical model that combines real and fictional reality. Undoubtedly, the game graphics require quite powerful devices. However, creators thought about this and created a highly customizable graphical menu where you can change many parameters for the individual characteristics of every device. As for the graphic design, the game is very modern and can boast of well-drawn characters and locations. The sound design is quite realistic and becomes a good complement for the whole gameplay.

Weather conditions in many parts of the world do not allow being outdoors for a long time for most of the year. This is a big obstacle for some gamers. Let’s not forget about coronavirus pandemic, which has locked many people in their homes. However, we offer to solve this problem by installing a mod for Pokémon GO with hacked radar and fake GPS. These functions allow you not to leave the house at all. Moreover, you will be happy to catch the game characters and find needed items for their treatment and upgrading while staying at home.

We have tested the modified version of Pokémon GO on our devices in order to make our impression for website visitors. We can confirm mod functionality with a hacked radar and fake GPS. Now, you can change your location and collect Pokémon right at home, which is very convenient during a pandemic, bad weather, or simply if you are an introvert. Installation file is safe for you and your device. You won’t experience any problems while using it.

In addition to the installation game file, you must download Fake GPS Joystick & Routes Go to use the hacked radar and fake GPS. Only by pre-installing and running it can you change the location directly for playing Pokemon Go. Please note that you can get a ban from developers for changing geolocations. That is why we recommend you only to change your location near your real one.

The game requires the player to move around the real world a lot. This is why the game is interesting to most users. It provides you with ability to connect real and virtual world! Still, main goal is to find and catch Pokémon. The higher the player’s level, the more difficult it is to search for rare or strong monsters.

The gameplay is intuitive. Moreover, there are tips for novice players that help to understand all the intricacies.

Pokémon GO is a new word not only in mobile games, but also in combining entertainment, real life and computer reality. This exciting adventure connects together a huge number of players from all over the world!

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