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Poly Bridge 2 – classic bridge builder simulator that covers the entire cycle. There are elements of logistics, resource management and an economic component. The developer and publisher, a small studio Dry Cactus, added new, more modern mechanics and expanded the toolkit. Fans of the first Poly Bridge won’t be disappointed either. Everything for which people fell in love with first game has been preserved and improved. New players can also appreciate the project at its true worth – the game is easy to learn and not demanding to resources of Android platform. Moreover, if you like interesting games, we recommend you to download Crowd City and operator simulator 112 Operator.

Learn about the main features of the sequel to the epic Poly Bridge from our description.

From the very beginning in Poly Bridge 2, we have a choice of roadbed type – a road must lead to the bridge. In the lower left corner, select the “roadbed” and indicate the place of laying with the cursor. Next to the pointer, you can see how much in dollars and building materials it will cost to create this site. The bridge cannot exist without supports – it can simply fail. Near the bottom left is the material selection for the bridge supports. You can choose only wooden supports in training and at the initial stage. However, ravines across which you have to build a bridge in the early gameplay are not very deep. Accessible wood is the best choice here.

Next, we gradually and systematically bring the bridge into a normal human form, so that you can walk and ride on it. This requires handrails and restraints. Wood is still the best option – cheap and cheerful. Further, engineering solutions become more complicated and tasks scale of bridge builder only increases.

Poly Bridge 2 offers you a straight-handedness test and understanding of the elementary physics laws. If you build the bridge illiterately and don’t use supporting structures – the result of your work can literally fall apart before your eyes. Moreover, a perky biker who has the courage to ride your miracle of engineering will dive into the river. This moment of the game is quite funny and positive. It somewhat smooths out the chagrin of an unsuccessful construction attempt. Just try to approach the task more responsibly in the next attempt. Not only a motorcyclist, but also a truck or school bus with children has to go across the bridge. Do not lead to trouble!

Poly Bridge 2 process evolves from simple to complex incrementally. Starting with a simple village bridge on the riverbank or across a ravine, you gradually have to solve more and more complex problems. How about a sloped bridge or complex bridge with several spans? Further, it is necessary to build arched bridges. Take into account that it is necessary to provide the possibility of passing various floating means under the bridge. Some bridges require hydraulic engineering work to place solid fixed supports on the underwater soil. Then you may face all engineering delights: cable-stayed bridges, tension bridges, bridges with a mixed type of construction. The game is able to make you a professional worker in this field.

The graphics are more than decent for this type of simulator. no frills, no pixel primitivism? the colors are pleasing to the eye.

Adrian Talens wrote the musical accompaniment for the game. He is a very famous figure in the game industry and in creating soundtracks. Nice classical guitar, folk and country in some places create a very comfortable feeling of playing in general. It is curious that many listen to the soundtrack separately and it has become quite popular even in addition to Poly Bridge 2.

The sounds of events and actions are inscribed quite harmoniously and don’t hurt the ear. If the builders are sawing a tree, then we hear a saw. If they drive in piles, we can hear a sledgehammer. The accompaniment of successfully completed missions sounds especially pleasant.

Poly Bridge 2 is a paid game on Google Play. However, you can use the paid version of the game and install it on your device free. After downloading and installing this mod on your Android device, just launch the game and play. There is no need to buy the game. Our paid version provides you with unlimited access to all the functions that were previously available only for money. Now there is no need to think, is this or that mechanic available – you just play, move forward in the gameplay, develop and enjoy.

It’s nice that Poly Bridge 2 didn’t become worse than the prequel, which is often the case in the gaming industry and beyond. Moreover, the second part took into account the mistakes of the first and became much more interesting.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Poly Bridge 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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