Prey Day Mod APK (Immortality/No Ads) 14.0.11

Prey Day is an online survival game set in a huge city. There are very few survivors left after the virus epidemic. Some of them have turned into bloodthirsty zombies. The main character was lucky, as he remained a human. Now he needs to get food, look for companions and build a house. Try to get to the story final by completing exciting quests. Explore the city, get resources and craft items necessary for survival. Fight with other survivors for the remains of valuable resources. Gather a team of friends to travel together to the most dangerous areas of the city. If you like online shooters, you can also download Tacticool and Real Gangster Crime.

Find out the main features of Prey Day from our overview.

Prey Day provides players with a large post-apocalyptic city to explore. Each person here is a real player from another part of the world. You can always team up with other users and survive together. Alternatively, you can become a bandit and marauder and rob unlucky travelers. The choice is only yours. We can say that authors really wanted to create something interesting and they did it. However, the gameplay mechanics are not new, but its implementation is excellent. Therefore, if you like this genre and want some variety, then this game can definitely please you.

The gameplay in Prey Day is standard. You need to recreate the entire technological chain of humanity from scratch. Society no longer exist, so you can only rely on yourself. Therefore, if you want to cut down a tree, you have to create a simple stone ax. Just find a tree and stone to do this. In addition, you need a pickaxe to extract stone from ore. During your adventures, you can find piles of rubble, which can also contain primarily scrap metal. The tools break down over time, and you need to create new ones. This is why you always need to have a lot of resources in Prey Day. As you progress through the game, your experience level increases, opening up access to new technologies. Using the workbench, you can create something new that can greatly help you in the game.

Prey Day starts with interesting plot, which is quite a rarity for this genre. Our hero wakes up in the hospital and remembers nothing. All around chaos, debris and blood. Obviously, something terrible has happened. The answer comes quickly – zombie hits a powerful blow to the character’s head. We take the first weapon in hand – machete – and break through to the exit, picking up useful items along the way. We can say that the game developers did everything with soul, so it is pleasant to go through the plot part.

Prey Day has top-view camera. The graphical component is quite good for a mobile project, although it is not some kind of supernatural. In addition, the developers tried their best in creating sound component, whether it be screams of zombies, shooting a weapon or hammer hitting a stone. Despite the lack of graphic sophistication, the game is very atmospheric.

We bring to your attention Prey Day mod for immortality and no ads. Now bots cannot attack you anywhere except PvP zones. Therefore, you can move around the city without fear of being attacked. In addition, we also deleted all in-game advertisements.

We have checked Prey Day and can confirm its functionality. After the first launch, nobody attacks your hero so he becomes almost immortal. However, there is a possibility of banning your account for using this mod. By the way, it does not contain viruses and cannot affect the device performance. Follow our instructions below to install the game properly.

After you get to the camp of survivors, you find yourself among merchants and other useful people, but first you need to create your own home. There you can save your treasures. The survivors give you a piece of land with a dilapidated mansion. This is one of the interesting findings from game creators. You can build a house, using the remains of old construction.

At the first Prey Day location, you only have materials and some berries to feed. It is necessary to go to the general map and select one of the explored locations to find something more worthwhile. There are many useful resources in these areas, but such adventures can be very dangerous. At first, you have only a couple of places nearby and it takes five seconds to move there. Nevertheless, you need to spend energy points to travel new distant areas.

Some locations in Prey Day are full of rare resources – for example, soybean seeds for planting in your own garden, plastic waste or new weapons. You may come across a machine gun in first minutes of the gameplay, but the situation with ammo is more complicated. It should also be borne in mind that everything in the game (tools, battle bats and machetes) breaks down over time. Moreover, you cannot create new weapons at the initial stage – you need to raise your level for this.

You can earn experience points for almost any game action. With its help, you can open new blueprints to create new items on the workbench. At some point, you can even create a sofa and a TV.

Although the Prey Day mechanics are quite common in Android games, in total, it looks very interesting. Just play and improve you hero – this is the most important thing. Therefore, we definitely recommend this game to you.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Prey Day before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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