Project Makeover Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2.11.2

Project Makeover is a simulation game for Android devices from Bubblegum Games. You have to help the characters, change their interior design, dress style, hairstyle and make-up, as well as participate in exciting match-3 games. Change people beyond recognition and make them happy! If you are interested in games with the mechanics of getting moves for completing mini-games, then we have prepared Ava’s Manor for you.

Project Makeover is a simulator in which you play many roles. You are both a stylist, makeup artist and the designer. Change people’s lives for the better. After all, appearance is the first thing people look at.

The huge variety of clothes in Project Makeover can impress fashion lovers. Combine things and create your own style, select everything individually for each character. Your customers need you. Refresh their wardrobe! Not all characters are friendly enough. There are also selfish personalities who are very difficult to please. With such extreme personalities, you definitely not get bored and learn new things. Choose more fashionable things and hairstyles and earn as many coins as possible by completing tasks.

Also, choose makeup and hairstyle according to the type of character’s face. Check if everything goes well, otherwise disgruntled people will badly reflect on your professionalism. See how the client character changes when he transforms. When trying on clothes, you can see how the client is happy and spinning in front of the mirror. You always have three options for any clothing you can choose. For example, between pants, skirt and jeans, choose what suits best. The same with makeup and hair – hairstyles usually vary in length and makeup in color. Go through different levels and get coins to spend them on changes.

Project Makeover has a puzzle game where, by moving and matching objects, you gradually unlock a new image-picture. Complete the tasks assigned to each level. Completion brings you coins and money, which you can later spend on improving the characters or rooms where they live. If there are not enough coins, then go through the tasks repeatedly. Make combinations of objects on the levels, combining four of them in a row, turning into various bombs. These kind of boosters can help you complete tasks much faster and collect the right amount of items to unlock. In addition, when you gradually open up the opportunity to choose boosters before the start of the level, this greatly facilitates the game. As you progress through the game, the levels become more difficult by restricting moves. Therefore, spend them wisely, because you need to complete the tasks before the end of the level.

In addition to completing levels, puzzles and choosing different items, Project Makeover has a great story. The storyline plunges into the world of design and style with two camps of different points of view. Fight for your own and be responsible for your actions in the fashion world. Immerse yourself in the world of drama, get involved in arguments and defend yours! After all, there are conflicts even among professionals in their field. The many eccentric people and images will amaze you!

Become a designer and choose a workspace. The varied selection of materials and finishes in Project Makeover can surprise you. Choose your own wallpaper and floor colors, sofas and wardrobes, flowers and paintings. Fill the room with items in accordance with the character, get a feel for what he needs and create a unique design. As you pass the levels, you unlock new items and apply them in practice further.

Call your friends to play and become the best stylist and designer. Project Makeover has a great opportunity to visit your friends and see how they decorated their avatar. You can do that too. The main thing is to go through the levels and earn money. Upgrade your avatar and other characters. Show your friends your sophisticated style and surprise them with your professionalism.

Project Makeover has great graphics, the drawn characters and their rooms are perfectly detailed. Change their hairstyle and makeup and wonder how it changes the person. The musical accompaniment sets the mood of ease. The sound effects on the levels and the voice acting of the characters are good. Everything welcomes you into the game world.

Our mod allows you to play much faster and unlock new characters. The unlimited money feature is a great addition to your gameplay experience!

After installing the modified version of Project Makeover, you get the maximum amount of dollars, coins and gems – three main game currencies. You can spend them to change the appearance of your hero, as well as equip your house with the latest fashion and technology. In addition, with the help of unlimited money mod, you have the opportunity to use almost unlimited hints during the match-3 game, because some levels can be very difficult. As usual, our testing team tested the game for malware – everything is completely safe.

Immerse yourself in fashion and style with Project Makeover. Help people become self-confident and successful individuals. Change their clothing style, hairstyles, makeup and even the apartment decoration, because the atmosphere in the house also changes a person. Earn coins and money during levels to spend on character upgrades. When one hero is improved, the next one is unlocked.

Project Makeover is an image making game for fashion lovers. Complete interesting levels and develop your creativity, helping the characters with the selection of their own style. Mod for unlimited money can always come for an indispensable help in this business.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Project Makeover before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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