Pull the Pin Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 0.61.1

Pull the Pin is a mobile puzzle game from Popcore Games studio, which essence comes down to sending all the balls into pocket by removing all screens. However, you don’t need to pull the pins out in random order. You have to try to mix colored and gray balls with each other. If you manage to do this, feel free to remove the last pin, after which you can open access to the next level. In general, the idea is very simple – by using logic and dexterity, you need to drop colorful balls from the top to the bottom. At the same time, you may encounter various obstacles and traps that you need to overcome or bypass on the way. If you are interested in this kind of games, then download also Angry Birds 2 and Tangle Master 3D.

Read on to find out the main project features.

All you need to do in Pull the Pin is pull out special pins that hold either balls or bombs. Each stage contains a closed loop riddled with pins. Playing field is built in such a way that every pin is extremely important here, so you should think it over carefully in advance. Pins hold mountains of balls, which are both colored and colorless. By removing the pins, you need to place all the balls on the field in a special container located at the screen bottom. A very important condition is that no colorless balls should get into the container. If there are colorless balls on the field, then they must first touch their colored counterparts. Only then can you send the entire mass of balls into container. It is also important to fill the container absolutely with every ball, since game considers the level completed if container is one hundred percent full.

As you progress through Pull the Pin, you encounter various kinds of difficulties. For example, open contour with pins, which increases chances of balls flying out of the field. Bombs also appear here, which explode from a strong blow or shake, destroying a handful of balls with them. These levels require a certain amount of ingenuity from you, which should tell you how to get rid of the bombs. Usually, you need to throw them out of field or as far away from the balls as possible so that explosion couldn’t touch them in any way. There are several hundred levels here, so each time you need to come up with different solutions.

Completed stages in Pull the Pin bring you rewards in form of coins. Currency allows you to buy ball skins and build a mini-town. On a small site, you can build several houses, each of which can bring you passive income. Moreover, you can buy skins for balls at random. There is a wide variety of ball types, so you can always choose a skin to your liking. As you can imagine, neither building a mini-town nor buying skins can help you in process of solving puzzles. Unfortunately, developers did not provide hints, but here you can roll back your actions one move back.

Pull the Pin features simple three-dimensional graphics without any frills. App shows high performance even on relatively outdated devices. Due to right color selection, eyes don’t hurt with a long session. There is practically no sound in the game.

Our team brings to your attention a mod with unlimited amount of money. Now, you can purchase any skins for your balls, as well as build a mini-city to make bring additional profit.

We have tested functionality of unlimited money mod for Pull the Pin. By installing it, you get an unlimited number of coins on your account. Please note that skins selection happens randomly. One skin costs 400 coins. However, having an infinite amount of resources, you can easily buy all the skins.

Pull the Pin is a simple puzzle game in which you can enjoy your free time from school or work. Project works offline, so you can play everywhere and whenever. Game can boast of a huge number of levels with a variety of locations and tasks. Sometimes it will be enough few seconds to complete simple tasks, but others can take you long minutes, because its difficulty gradually increases.

The developers have introduced excellent physics into Pull the Pin, which is almost identical to the real behavior of objects. Overall, tasks are very simple. All you need is to lower the colored balls from the upper part of level to the lower one with a special container for its collection. All that remains is to avoid various obstacles and traps, as well as to get the pins that can interfere in time. Due to its simple controls and uncomplicated gameplay, the project is perfect for both adults and children.

Pull the Pin can surely keep you busy for a few nights. This game can not only bring you entertainment, but also develop your mental activity.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Pull the Pin before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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