RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod APK (Money) 1.0.28

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme is an arcade racing game from the developers of SMOKOKO LTD. Your main task here is to finish first at any cost! In order to do this, you can use all valid and invalid methods, because there are no rules. Equip yourself with a rocket and shoot it at your opponent to knock him out of the way. Defend with your shield to become invulnerable to enemy attacks. Use a high jump or nitro booster to outflank other racers just before the finish line. Become the king of racing in this addicting game. By the way, if you are interested in cars and tracks, then we have Traffic Racer for you and Taxi Sim 2020.

Read our review to make it easier for you to succeed in the game.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme allows you to use any method to be successful. The main success here is victory. If you want, beat your opponents in traditional fair way – just be faster than them. However, you can always pick up a weapon and shoot your enemy point-blank. You cannot completely disable it in such way, but just stop it for a few seconds. During this time, you can go very far. Arsenal of weapons and all kinds of boosts is quite diverse. Each car has everything you need to destroy enemies.

There are currently four game modes available in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Rocket Arena is perhaps the most entertaining mode. Here you can fight other players a limited section of track. Your task is to disable opponent’s car. You can use a variety of traps and weapons: chainsaws, rockets, fireballs and much more. Note that initially only the career mode is available to you, the rest unlocks after you gain the required Rank.

By the way, RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme pays special attention to cars. Here you need not only to drive fast, but also to improve your vehicle in a timely manner. Each car has three main parameters – armor, damage and speed. Moreover, each car also has its own individual type of weapon. Someone has adze-gun, someone has electromagnet and someone has powerful bubble gum bomb. Each of main parameters is open for upgrades for money and crystals.

For those of you who love a variety of landscapes, developers of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme have prepared several types of completely dissimilar locations. These are Egyptian ruins, Aztec temples, deserts and sheer cliffs. Thanks to the cool graphics, all these places look great and at the same time quite organic. Explore all tracks and unlock all locations in this addictive game.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme offers the user excellent 3D graphics almost at the level of computer games. The change of day and night, colorful decoration and engine sounds – all this is in abundance.

We offer you to download a mod for unlimited money and diamonds. With its help, you can buy new upgrades and cars. However, some cars can be unlocked only for donation.

Based on the results of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme test, we can confirm performance of mod for unlimited money.

Important! Complete a short tutorial to get money and diamonds to your account. Please note that since this game has multiplayer, there is a possibility of ban for using the mod. Therefore, be careful to avoid blocking.

Controls in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme are extremely comfortable and simple. The car drives by itself, you only need to steer, pick up weapons scattered on the road and shoot. There are several buttons in right corner of the screen – shield, rocket launch and nitro. You can use nitro booster only in case of accumulating a certain amount of energy. By the way, there are three types of controls in the game. Settings allow you to change controls, for example, using a gyroscope.

Please note that after installing the game, it performs unpacking. Prepare a large amount of free memory in advance to install app on your device correctly.

We would like to note the powerful artificial intelligence of rivals. Here, opponents are not just serving a number on the track. They are fighting fiercely for victory, also using all legal and illegal means to come to the finish line first.

Overall, RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme leaves an exceptionally good impression. This is a really high-quality product, where literally every aspect is interesting. Developers managed to create a game in style of legendary Crash Team Racing on PlayStation. Its scope is slightly less, but racing project is able to lure for a long time.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme will suit all fans of speed and action. This is one of the best arcade games in its genre for Android. We definitely recommend the game for downloading.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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