Rebel Inc. Mod APK (Premium/Unlocked All) 1.8.1

Rebel Inc. is an exciting simulation project developed by Ndemic Creations. This simulator is a fun strategy game. Players have to try on role of powerful ruler of one of five regions and solve various problems and conflicts. Each time you choose one or another country for government and go through a unique campaign, unlike all the previous ones. Game requires only competent and balanced decisions from users. Otherwise, it is impossible to achieve success here. At first, it will be quite difficult for you to cover all branches of management. In addition, even when you get used to all intricacies of country’s rule, gameplay will offer you difficult situations that can ruin all your development plans. Among other strategies, we recommend The Grand Mafia and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Rebel Inc. is one of the best strategy games for android. Now we will convince you of this.

Before starting operation, you need to choose a location, governor and advisors. Each of governors has his own point of view for resolving the conflict. Someone prefers to exclude cooperation with terrorists, someone prefers to appease militants and not pay attention to civilians at all and someone manages to maintain a balance. Some governors accelerate creation of troops, while others – introduction of civil initiatives. Advisors, on the other hand, do not influence the gameplay of Rebel Inc. so much, but they are also ready to provide some additional features. For example, Journalist can give you a bonus to the growth of your reputation, while Rebel Leader can facilitate negotiations with terrorists. Finding the best combinations is extremely interesting, which significantly increases the replay value of each level. You also have to choose a place for your main headquarters – the place where instructions and initiatives are born.

After creation of above-mentioned headquarters, you can find there a kind of technology tree divided into three subtypes:

There are several conditions for victory in Rebel Inc. The easiest way is to reach an agreement with terrorists. During the walkthrough, you receive messages about starting peace negotiations. Naturally, in order to reach agreement, you need to make some concessions that tarnish your reputation. The longer option to win is to achieve 100% support in region. If the entire map is green, then you were able to eradicate all criminal groups completely. Alternatively, if your reputation points drop to zero, then this means defeat for you.

It is very important to find a balance in research, since pure pacifism cannot disperse army of rebels, but even one army cannot provide local residents with happiness.

Since Rebel Inc. is a strategy, graphics here cannot boast of any delights. However, game map is as informative as possible. It is easy and convenient to follow all the events that take place here. In addition, you can hear warlike music during the adventure.

We bring to your attention a Premium/Unlocked mod. It features already purchased premium access here for Rebel Inc. In addition, you can get all the paid content free – maps, governors, cheats and advisors.

Our testers have checked performance of Rebel Inc. and its mod. We guarantee you functionality of above-stated features. Our solution can not only make your walkthrough easier, but also add a lot of variety to it. Moreover, original version features only few governors and maps initially available to you, while we offer you fully unlocked gameplay opportunities.  

There is no one common plot in Rebel Inc. Campaign features a set of peacekeeping operations carried out in various locations. Visit the dense jungle, hot deserts, mountain isthmuses and many other places. Each new update brings additional locations to the game. It is impossible to manage such a large-scale event by yourself, so you can use governors and advisers for help and obtaining certain bonuses.

In order to resolve situation, you need to promote and fund various initiatives aimed at both asking for help from other states and independently resolving the conflict. Provide citizens with food, water, educational and medical facilities. Attention also falls on infrastructure represented here by various factories, office buildings and road system. Developers of Rebel Inc. took into account that goodness should be with fists, so here you have a whole branch of military technologies development. You have to train soldiers, organize shelling, build military headquarters in remote areas, launch drones and much more.

Rebel Inc. is a worthy project. Rarely developers pay so much attention to the gameplay details. If you want to take part in realistic special operation, then download this game to your smartphone or tablet.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Rebel Inc. before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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