Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas Mod APK (Money) 1.2.7

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas is an action adventure game recently released by OneSoft Global PTE. LTD on December 21, 2020. Main project essence bases on acclaimed Among Us, which scored 4.5 in Google Play and become a hit around the world. Your main goal in the game is to eliminate all crewmembers of a spaceship. On the other hand, remaining characters on the space platform should not expose you. By the way, our website allows you to try yourself in original Among Us. In addition, you can play Block City Wars with almost similar gameplay. 

As you see, Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas has only few differs with above-mentioned original. However, there are more benefits as you can imagine. Read on to learn about cool features of this amazing survival project.

Developers tried their best to provide players with gameplay that allows enjoying the game fully. Game features incredibly convenient one-finger control. Many different locations allow you to plunge into cool game atmosphere, while 3D graphics creates an immersive effect. Moreover, all so-called maps have a large area, while interesting interactions help players to become more interested in the game.

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas invites the players to create their own characters. Changing the appearance of traitorous protagonist gives participant an opportunity to show individuality by choosing his pet, accessory and skin. Each of these categories require a certain amount of funds that players must earn during the game. Therefore, ever player should earn in-game currency to create cool own image.

Each player in Among Us could feel like a kind member of space crew, seeking to help organize the ship and a cunning traitor, hurrying to eliminate enemies. However, Red Imposter invites players to be exclusively an enemy for all space crewmembers, who carry out tasks in various station rooms. You as a traitor must sneak up on the victim and render harmless before discovering previous crimes. Use weapons, hatches and cunning at your disposal – everything a real killer needs.

The game is presented in a 3D style, where volumetric astronauts jump to the targets – the same volumetric decor and equipment. The character control does not require any special skills – just control all movements with one finger. In order to perform an action, you need to tap on the screen and choose any of proposed options.

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas features no soundtracks that you can usually hear on background in many action games. However, there are many different in-game sounds: player steps, weapons, game ending, etc. However, you may heard the same ones while playing Among Us. Therefore, players accustomed to playing the popular game can find themselves in a familiar environment.

Usually, you cannot earn too much money for eliminating characters in spaceship. Two hundred green bills for one task are not enough for professional hitman. That is why you cannot afford a bat headband or Batman costume. The most difficult thing is to buy and upgrade your weapon, which appears with each new ten levels. However, we can offer you to download a mod for unlimited money that can help you to get an endless supply of funds and eliminate other astronauts easily. Use our mod to easily update your wardrobe, buy necessary accessory or a little tamed friend.

Our team has tested Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas and its unlimited money mod. We confirm that all above-mentioned features work properly. As soon as you get into the game, you receive almost endless amount of money that you can spend on different accessories to make your character cooler. In addition, we tested installation file with several antivirus apps. Don’t worry, as we didn’t find malwares or other suspicious programs.

Project already gains popularity, because its release came at a time when Among Us started to lose its relevance. It really attracts with graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics. With each level, red killer receives tasks that are more difficult. For example, while at first levels you have to eliminate from two to five crewmembers, it is necessary to cope with up to 10 opponents on higher levels.

Main interface is extremely simple. When you enter the game, a menu opens where you can immediately start playing. Learning mechanics is not difficult, because gameplay itself resembles pleasant entertainment. It is much more interesting to play Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas than Among Us. There are certain goals and levels, while developers repeatedly prompt you to carry out a perfect kill. Every level features only you without involving other real players.

Creating your own character makes the game especially interesting. You can act lightly: in a New Year’s hat with a red skin. However, you can try yourself in the role of Captain America – an alien with a funny hat and no less attractive pet. The doors of fantasy are open here. Initial levels allow the players to eliminate opponents carefully with the help of unsharpened knife. Nevertheless, the higher the level the cooler the weapon you can use.

Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas is a fun action game that doesn’t require an internet connection or pay for an interesting pastime. It is a great option for joyful leisure. Most importantly, this project is easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Red Imposter: Nightmare Christmas before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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