Rocket Sky Mod APK (Free Shopping) 1.4.3

Rocket Sky is a mobile time killer made by Kwalee Ltd studio, which can captivate players with simple but addicting gameplay. Its essence comes down to climbing higher and higher on your rocket. You can improve the ship parameters, make it more powerful and increase fuel supply for a longer flight. Your task is extremely simple. Break the record, it is not so important, whether it is your own or your opponent’s. When connected to internet, you can compete with real people from all over the world. If you want, you can involve your comrades in the gameplay in order to try to get around them too. However, be careful not to overheat the engine. If this happens, you will not be able to reach the new horizon, even if the tanks are still full of fuel. The game seems simple, but it is not entirely true. If you prefer arcade games, then download also Car Safety Check and Tank Hero.

To date, the application has over 10 million downloads on Play Market. Join them now and set your own record for launching rockets into space!

Rocket Sky offers a fairly simple and straightforward gameplay even for novice gamers. Find your rocket on the main screen and launch it into space. Control the rocket by yourself during the flight and independently regulate the flight process. The main limiting factor when picking up speed is overheating. It is funny enough to observe a huge thermometer on the rocket body, but only you can navigate the heating temperature level. In the event of a critical overheating, your aircraft will immediately explode, ending the flight process.

There is no story campaign or levels in Rocket Sky. The entire gameplay is built around altitude records that you can set repeatedly. You need to develop the parameters of your aircraft for more successful flights. There are four parameters to upgrade – speed, fuel, income and passive income. The first parameter affects the acceleration of rocket and its maximum flight speed. Fuel determines the volume of fuel tanks. The more fuel the vehicle holds, the farther it can fly. Income indicates the amount of in-game currency earned for each second of flight. Passive income provides you with some currency even when you are out of the game. Therefore, in order to set records, you need to take care of the first two parameters, but you should not forget about earnings either.

After setting fixed altitude records in Rocket Sky, you can unlock new rocket skins and unique locations. It is worth noting that the skins of missiles do not particularly affect the gameplay, but you can find the perfect display of your missile among them. Locations also do not entail any fundamental changes in the gameplay. You just change the images in the background. You cannot buy in-game currency for money here, so you have to achieve new heights on your own. By tradition, you can pay for the complete disabling of all advertising in the game. This is where the list of paid options ends.

The developers have thought through everything to the smallest detail, because in addition to interesting gameplay, you can enjoy beautiful graphics and excellent music in Rocket Sky.

We suggest you to take advantage of free shopping mod, thanks to which you can get access to free improvements for missiles. Now you do not need money, because everything is free.

If you dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but life turned out differently, then try launching a couple of three rockets in Rocket Sky. Not all launches are successful, but if you try, you will be able to overcome every layer of the atmosphere and go into outer space! This arcade also belongs to the time killer genre, so it is very exciting.

Take real space travel, moving further and further with each step. Unlock all rockets after reaching certain heights. Watch the control carefully. If the mechanism overheats, you will have to start over. The app is a great option when you need to pass the time.

Rocket Sky cannot boast of thoughtful gameplay, atmospheric plot or incredible, unique and entertaining idea. However, this game perfectly combines the simplicity of gameplay, controls, as well as an exciting presentation. In general, you can enjoy the simple mechanics of online competition. However, if you just try, after which you will no longer be able to quit this time killer. Play, launch rockets, upgrade your ship and try to become the top 1 in this application.

Every dreamer and space explorer should download Rocket Sky. This arcade game gives you a lot of fun due to its excellent qualities, namely, excellent graphics, thoughtful mechanics and addictive gameplay. Take control of a space rocket, upgrade it to rise above everyone else. Break the records of other players and set your own. Start your journey through the vastness of universe right now!

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