Rucoy Online Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.22.0

Rucoy Online is an incredible massively multiplayer online action RPG game. The player has to create his character and send him on a journey across the endless game world to fight with bots and real players. In addition, you need to complete small tasks to get in-game currency and necessary items to improve your hero. Despite the game two-dimensionality, it mesmerizes with a perfectly created and thoughtful world full of unusual nooks, magical chests and terrible monsters! For fans of RPGs, we’ve also prepared Pokémon Masters EX and Sword Art Online: Integral Factor.

RicardoGzz developed Rucoy Online in 2016. The game has over 5 million and its rating is 4. 4.

Rucoy Online invites the player to create a hero and make a journey wandering around the huge game world. You can meet a variety of obstacles on your way, be it game monsters and bosses or characters of other real players. Sometimes, the strength and abilities of your hero may not be enough to overcome these obstacles. In this case, the player can call on a friend for help and fight shoulder to shoulder with enemies. You can even gather a whole company to roam the game together, getting rewards, currency and victories. The choice of mode in Rucoy Online depends only on the player.

A distinctive feature of Rucoy Online is not only a huge game world, but also the ability to upgrade your character to incredible performance. By the way, the player has to choose one of three classes for his character. You can control a knight, archer or magician. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses. The main thing when improving a hero is tools and items. You have to get them in battles with monsters, other players or from chests. Although you may get not many desirable items from the latter.

Rucoy Online has a PVP mode organized in a very non-trivial way. The player who attacks an innocent opponent first earns the damned status and becomes an aim for hunters. Killing the damned brings you gold. Moreover, turning on PVP mode shortens the curse duration and allows you to return to normal state quickly. Due to the time spent in the game, someone takes risks and makes surprise attacks on unsuspecting heroes of other players. In addition to the damned status, it can bring a very good income. All loot that damned knocked out of the opponent goes into his chests. However, everything gained is just as easy to lose, as the player becomes vulnerable to everyone. Therefore, if you cannot reliably hide, you can lose everything!

Developers of Rucoy Online paid special attention to graphics. Although many critics did not comment on graphic design in the best way, real player reviews demonstrate this game component won success. The overall game design allows you to plunge into the world of classic 2D games. At the same time, the graphics is still modern, while the special effects are especially pleasing to the eye. The sound design is not annoying. All sounds imitating battles and movements are quite organic and do not prevent the player from concentrating on completing specific tasks.

No matter how successful your character is, in-game currency is always in short supply. If you want to solve the problem, we advise to install Rucoy Online with our mod for unlimited money. This allows you to improve your hero to the required level without regard to fulfilling the conditions.

Our editorial team analyzed and tested Rucoy Online. Now, you can get an unlimited amount of money to game account, which greatly facilitates your walkthrough. However, be careful, as the developers can ban you for foul play.

Unfortunately, there may be some problems with game functionality due to multiplayer mode. Moreover, the developers try very hard to stop all attempts of using money mod. If it does not work for you, then please follow our updates. We will publish a new version as soon as possible.

Rucoy Online is a multiplayer game where you can spend a lot of time due to huge scale of the game world. You can wander wherever you want and fight with enemies, if your character has enough strength for that. In order to use all powers and abilities fully, it is necessary to improve the character at expense of in-game currency obtained in battles and missions. The controls in the game are convenient and straightforward. It is not difficult to cope with the gameplay even for those who have never played such games.

Rucoy Online is a game that can help you remember the times of classic video games. It also provides with opportunity to wander through well-thought out and interesting open world. We advise you to play this high-quality game that can distract you for more than one hour!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Rucoy Online before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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