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It would seem how else developers could surprise us in Tower Defense genre. The genre of tower defense has been popular since the days of Plants vs. Zombies. Now it’s hard to say anything new about it. Nevertheless, B.V. studio created the new game and it’s really cool. Developers fully justified the slogan “This tower defense is not like the others”. Here, they tried to bring style and gameplay from consoles, moreover, old-school ones to the Android platform. In addition, the developers came up with some own, non-standard ideas that can delight the players. Rush Royale – Tower Defense is more of a combination of genres. If you are a fan of Tower Defense, then don’t pass by Kingdom Rush Vengeance and cool Bullet Brawl.

Find out the main features of Rush Royale – Tower Defense in our review.

Tower Defense games are more of a single player product. Moreover, it’s the best choice for mobile platform such as phone or tablet. The genre and overall game course allow you to play for hours, defending your tower. You can also just pass the time in anticipation, firing back from the waves of annoying enemies.

Here, the developers decided not to go down the boring path and create another thousandth time killer. The game includes duel mode with AI or real player, which is much more interesting. The player simultaneously not only defends his base, but also attacks the enemy base. Doesn’t it look like something known? That’s right, some users can immediately remember the notorious RTS for PC with base capture and revolving.

Do you think that the original idea and the fictional universe are the only difference between serious role-playing games? You are wrong. Rush Royale has a completely original idea. There is a kingdom that you are called to protect. Mages, well-aimed archers and tank warriors are both heroes and simple soldiers on the front line. They shoot the enemy hordes, cast massive spells on the enemy, sometimes performing a kamikaze mission. Moreover, these are not faceless units, but personalized heroes, with their own characteristics. Here is another difference – this is no longer banal Tower Defense, but quite a role-playing.

Upgrading, in general, proceeds according to the classical scheme: points gained for enemy destruction convert into experience, which gives upgrades. You can (and should) choose the upgrades yourself. However, in the heat of a hot battle, you can sometimes trust the automatic mode. In addition, you can randomly knock out some bonuses and upgrades that can temporarily improve your heroic defenders. Serious opponents gradually open up in the process of playing Rush Royale – Tower Defense. This can make the player sweat and get nervous. It is also interesting that the developers have introduced elements of collectible card games here. We were pleased with the mechanics of “merging” units, when you get a stronger hero by combining small ones – this is the transition from quantity to quality.

The graphics in Rush Royale – Tower Defense has old school pixel style, adjusted for high resolution and more colorful rendering. We would also like to praise the artists and designers for their original approach and sense of humor. The game characters look fun and leave pleasant emotions. Hostile monsters are able to amuse openly, especially at the moment of destruction.

The sound is reminiscent of a Hollywood fantasy epic with a touch of ethnic music. The sounds of combat and game actions are more like the style of classic console games. They are not annoying and do not stand out from the general background.

In both single and PvP mode, advertising is not just annoying, but frankly interfering. It can spoul both the gameplay and the player’s mood. There is an opportunity in Rush Royale – Tower Defense  to get original and unique items. In addition, there is a mechanic for increasing experience before the start of the battle. All of these gaming experiences tied to viewing ads. Our mod, in fact, eliminates and bypasses this binding. By downloading and installing this version, you can enjoy all the top gaming features without spam and distracting ads.

Let’s note an important nuance that unpacking and installing on Android device requires the use of free RAM resources and may take longer than usual. In rare cases, the installation may fail and the installer will issue an error. Do not be afraid of this, the situation is solved by installation restart.

We have tested Rush Royale – Tower Defense for our website users. After verification, we guarantee you won’t see ads pop-up banners during the game. Moreover, the mod is absolutely safe for your device. Just download the modified version of the game and enjoy the ad-free playthrough.

Rush Royale – Tower Defense is a game at the intersection of genres. Here you can find classic tower defense, a little bit of cards that are fashionable today, and an element of RPG. In general, the game leaves a pleasant impression. It allows you to both spend time with interest and compete with real live opponents, measure your skill in achieving high results.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Rush Royale – Tower Defense before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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