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Scribble Rider from VOODOO is a mobile arcade racing game where user needs to draw wheels on own vehicles. Use different shapes to overcome obstacles, bodies of water, mountains and sands. The gameplay narrative is a chain of levels with different obstacles.

In order to complete the stage, you just need to finish, but if you do it in the first place, you can receive an additional reward. For local currency, you can purchase various skins for both your motorcycle and the driver. The game is perfect for not stressful gameplay in general, representing a mediocre arcade race, but with interesting gameplay specifics. Do you like simple arcades? Download Mini Football and become the best in this game. 

Scribble Rider has already managed to climb to the top of Google Play among new projects. This means that users have appreciated the new game and let us tell you why.

The game has very simple and straightforward mechanics. Gameplay consists of stages, on each of which you need to overcome obstacles, competing with another character. Scribble Rider is racing game where you paint the wheels yourself. At any time of the race, you can change its shape by drawing new wheels in a special window. Use all advantages over your opponent!

As part of Scribble Rider gameplay, you don’t need to manipulate the bike directly. It accelerates and overcomes obstacles on its own, as you only need to change the type of wheels in time. Draw wheels of the appropriate type in special window, after which they appear on your vehicle. If you choose the right construction, the bike can go faster and vice versa.

You have to change the wheels form constantly, because the race conditions are dynamically changing. At first, you drive on a straight and level road – standard round wheels are best suited here. Then you have to climb stairs and even sheer walls, swim on water and jump on moving platforms. At some points, your bike can even fly, turning into a drone – so the wheels can act as propellers! Its shape is important in each of described cases.

You won’t be able to find a unique formula in the game and always win with its help. Act quickly, constantly changing your tactics. Only in this case you can win and earn coins consistently as you need them to unlock new skins for bikes and drivers.

Because the game doesn’t have a multiplayer mode, it does not require constant access to the Internet, which can allow you to go track after track regardless of network access availability. On your way to work, on your way home, during a snack and even on the subway, you have the opportunity to try your luck on one of the many Scribble Rider levels.

The developers have made Scribble Rider in 3D graphics, which boasts bright colors and original designs of all-terrain vehicles and tracks. All elements have a detailed drawing that can be the envy of larger high-budget projects. At the same time, the game is practically not demanding on the resources of Android devices, allowing it to run even on the weakest devices.

The game does not have any dynamic transitions or additional windows for customization. You can start a new level directly from the main menu. The developers minimized everything as much as possible to let gamers to immerse in the race. The sound in Scribble Rider includes several soundtracks that you can hear both in main menu and during the race. In addition, the developers have tried to give sound to almost every action that you can take to ensure maximum immersion in the gameplay.

The only in-game currency in Scribble Rider is gold coins, which you earn as you progress through the levels. Taking into account the fact that the emphasis is on the player’s sleight of hand and logic, the developers decided to use these coins for only one purpose – to buy various skins. Its presence cannot help you in the race and improve the performance of your vehicle. The only value is appearance. Many players can do without such a function, but someone are still interested in riding a carriage with a skeleton behind the wheel.

If desired, you can open skins independently for honestly earned coins, but for this, you have to go through level after level for a long time and tediously so that you can open all available skin options. For this purpose, we bring to your attention a mod for unlimited coins. It provides an opportunity to purchase any skin you like instantly before the start of your first race.

We have tested Scribble Rider on our devices andwe confirm that there is almost endless supply of gold coins after its first launch. In order to take advantage of all features, you only need to download and install the game from our website. You don’t need to carry out any additional manipulations.

As part of the test, our team purchased all the available skins and still had a huge amount of money in the account. Just for the case if developers decide to add new models of vehicles over time. Thus, the mod works flawlessly and we guarantee its safety.

Scribble Rider doesn’t claim to be unique, but even in the absence of plot, the game managed to attract the attention of a multi-million audience. It is not for nothing that this exciting race is in the top downloads worldwide. We have a colorful and funny arcade project that can help you unwind after a hard day’s work or on the way home. You can quit the game at any time to continue playing in a more comfortable environment. Everyone should try this great time killer.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Scribble Rider before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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