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Sling Drift is a fantastically entertaining and addicting racing game where the gamer drives along a winding road to win. In order for the racing car to stay on the road, it is important for the user to tap on the display in time so as not to miss a turn and not fly into a ditch. Thus, the car clings to the pole with a rope and enter a sharp turn. Player needs to travel as much distance as possible without flying off the track. A simple and exciting storyline, minimalistic graphic design and practical one-finger control provide the player with an exciting, comfortable and mesmerizing pastime. Also, check out the exciting Happy Wheels and Drift Max World.

The game has already 50 million downloads and more than 150 thousand positive reviews. If it’s not enough, the check our review of game advantages.

Developers of racing game Sling Drift present users with a wide range of racing cars, in which you can improve different categories. The power of the racing cars, their design and color, as well as fuel and other practical components. You can open new vehicles by passing levels or receive them as a gift under certain circumstances. Collect the entire collection of racing cars and come to the finish line first!

The graphics in Sling Drift are made as minimalist as possible. Unnecessary elements wouldn’t distract you during the race or interfere with the gameplay. Moreover, the control panel is very practical and convenient.

Control panel in Sling Drift doesn’t have a lot of buttons that simply can’t be pressed at once. You can understand the controls after going through a five-minute training. The game will show you everything itself. Now, you can learn how to control and at what point to press one or another button.

Creators specially designed gameplay so that passing the levels does not seem so easy for users. However, it is possible to overcome all difficulties. The main thing is concentration, attention and correctly developed tactics.

Sling Drift developers also processed graphic design to the smallest detail: unnecessary elements on the playing field are absent. Everything is clear and understandable. It is possible to figure out the controls, thanks to simple and understandable graphics, in literally 5 minutes. As for the details, they are all processed and animated at a height as well. It feels like the player is really on the track and competing for first place. Sound accompaniment is similar to user actions.

Locations on each racetrack change, so the graphics depend on the level passed. However, it doesn’t get any worse from this. The pixels are not visible and the game doesn’t crash or slow down.

Despite the fact that this game isn’t difficult to pass, Sling Drift also has a mod for unlimited money. The user needs the game currency for buying and upgrading his vehicle. You can download the game without the risk of ban by developers. Such an option allows you to easily upgrade your car and achieve better results on race roads. In any case, the value of your record directly depends on your reaction and hand speed. Upgrading cars certainly gives an advantage in passing, but the final word remains with your driving abilities.

Our team has checked unlimited money mod and can guarantee it efficiency. After the first launch of the game, an unlimited number of crystals will appear on your account. You can use spend all your riches to buy new cars and upgrades for them. We checked installation file with antivirus. Don’t worry, it is safe for any android device, it won’t give you any problems.

Sling Drift has an endless storyline, where there is no clear division into stages. Every attempt by the user is to drive as much distance as possible. Just enter the corners successfully without dropping speed.

The racing car drives itself on the racing road. The user only needs to tap on the display in time. Pressing and holding your finger on the screen allows you to reach the cable, which attaches to the vehicle mechanism and the other end clings to the pole. If you remove your finger early or hold it too long, the car will hit the fence and the competition will be lost. During the races, you can collect crystals, which later you can spend on the opening of new racing cars.

The storyline is generally simple, the locations change as you progress through the stages, along with them the racing cars.

Sling Drift is a fun racing project with minimalistic graphics, interesting gameplay and exciting racing tracks that are quite difficult to pass. The game is perfect for those who want to kill some time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Sling Drift before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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