Sling Kong Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 3.25.8

Sling Kong is an arcade game for Android devices from Protostar. Play as a cute monkey and overcome all obstacles on your way. Earn coins and unlock new cute animals. Forward to adventure! If you like relaxing arcade games, we suggest checking out Jetpack Chicken and Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack.

Sling Kong is a cute extraordinary survival game. Your task is to move as far as possible with the help of hooks with paws on special racks and collect all the coins on your way.

Invite your friends to play this addicting game and compete for the title of the best! Set records and be the first in the Sling Kong leaderboard. Challenge other participants in the game and compete with them in various tournaments and levels. Spend your time in a good mood with this simple game. Log in with your Facebook account to save your progress. When switching to another device, just log in and play further as if nothing had happened. You can also see all your friends who also play this game. Track their progress and compare with yours. Become the best player! After all, competition perfectly spurs you up and awaken even greater excitement for such a seemingly simple game.

The game features a huge variety of characters for Sling Kong – about 140 animals. There is a funny chimpanzee, a jellyfish, a bee and even an elephant. So much fun! To unlock characters, you need to collect as many coins as possible on your way and go further and further. The higher the record, the more coins you collect. Knock out new characters using a mini-game similar to paintball. Each attempt to knock out a prize costs 200 coins. However, don’t be discouraged, just play and get as much money as possible during the game. Hero selection menu allows you to choose characters by habitat: water area, jungle, forest and much more. Take pictures of your heroes and share them with your friends on social networks or messengers. Now you don’t have to take screenshots, because everything is much simpler here. Surprise all your friends with your unusual animal and show his skills! The game has the ability to create your own Kong and make it unique with the help of various accessories. You just have to start playing to see for yourself.

Like many games, Sling Kong has its own currency – coins. Let’s talk why do we need them? They allow you to acquire new unique features and various cute animal characters and accessories. Earn coins in several ways. First, as you progress through the game, collect coins on your way and overcome obstacles as best you can and set new records. The higher the record, the more coins you get at the end of the level. Secondly, from time to time a kind of money roulette appears in the game at the beginning of the game, in which you shoot your character. Thirdly, you can also collect coins in the prize mode, but this mode costs 200 coins per attempt, so choose what suits you best. Well, the fourth way is to buy coins for real money by purchasing through a store.

Sling Kong features unusual character controls. The hero clings with his paws to some kind of racks on the walls. In order to push off you need to pull him like a slingshot and run forward towards another rack. The racks are different, the usual blue and red. The red ones disappear after a while, so you need to hurry forward until it disappears. Racks can also fly on their own wings. Each time the game becomes more difficult, acquiring new opportunities and unusual characters.

The magnificent graphics of Sling Kong won’t leave you indifferent. Cute animals and a variety of obstacles look great during the game that you want to play again. All the animals are beautifully drawn and have their own styling. The music includes the form of nature sounds: birdsongs, noise of leaves as well as drumming. The sound effects are great, such as the clinking of coins and the sounds of animal heroes.

Our mod for Sling Kong opens up many interesting possibilities for you, because you can get access to an unlimited amount of coins. Unlimited money option is a great opportunity to unlock new characters as quickly as possible and become the first in this race!

After testing the game, we confirm that Sling Kong works stable and mod for unlimited money functions perfectly. After installing the game, you get an unlimited number of resources on your account. You can immediately choose any character you like for yourself, be it a bear, penguin, walrus or vampire. Moreover, it is possible to start an adventure in one of several locations. Installation file cannot cause any harm to your device as it does not contain viruses.

Play with funny animals and go as far as possible! Set a new record among your friends. The process of the game is unusual, which cannot but attract. Use a kind of slingshot to send your animals towards adventures, collecting coins and discovering new unusual characters along the way.

Sling Kong is an unusual game, where you, as cute characters, cover the distance using a kind of slingshot. The huge variety of animals surprises you that you play repeatedly to unlock new characters much faster. This is where our unlimited money solution comes in handy. Make your game more enjoyable!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Sling Kong before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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