Small Town Murders Mod APK (Unlimited Moves) 1.11.1

You can definitely remember a huge variety of detective games that take up free leisure on the Internet. One of these games is Small Town Murders: Match 3 from Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which became popular thanks to the Angry Birds series and Supernatural City: Mystery Match 3. This time, you have to find yourself in the mysterious town of Thornton Grove, which is teeming with various crimes. Together with young detective journalist Nora, you must solve a number of mysterious crimes and finally restore peace to the desperate residents of criminal city. We also recommend you to download Idle Restaurant Tycoon and Craft Island.

Small Town Murders began to gain popularity significantly recently. Now more than one million users of the Android platform managed to install the detective game on their gadgets. Moreover, more than thirty thousand Play Store users rated the game at 4.4 points.

The main goal in Small Town Murders is to solve a number of mysterious crimes in territory of a small town. The young writer Nora Mistry visits a sleepy town and becomes a new resident of quiet settlement. However, not everything is so simple: after checking into a hotel, young writer comes face to face with a series of strange crimes that she has to solve. In addition, it is necessary to write amazing stories in her book.

Project seems to be unique detective puzzle game. Its main difference lies not in the free accumulation of earned action points, but in the targeted completion of levels for specific action. In addition, the main character has a special notebook containing information about crimes, character’s inventory and new stories.

Favorite by many match-3 genre harmoniously fits into the storyline of the game Small Town Murders, because player needs action points to perform certain detective actions: search for evidence, interrogation, arrest and reporting. Use primitive figures and objects as game pieces in the puzzle: cup, police officer’s badge, apple, lens and book. The puzzle is full of boosters, which may definitely come in handy at high levels. The higher the level of the game, the more difficult it is to go further.

Graphics in Small Town Murders are similar to those in the other series of games developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. It features animated characters that have own unique looks and appearances, interesting room designs and detailed inventory items.

A bright and gentle melody sounds as musical accompaniment in the game. It accompanies the player both in the plot of the game and in match-3 puzzles. Every action also has its own sound: conversations, interactions with other players and objects, as well as with inventory and a notebook.

Many players who prefer Match 3 puzzles often face the problem of a lack of game moves on the field of play, which makes the game much more difficult. Therefore, some players can give up the idea of playing match-3 puzzle, but players have the opportunity to install the game with a built-in mod that allows using unlimited moves.

Based on the results of testing Small Town Murders mod, we can confirm availability of unlimited game moves in match 3 puzzle. This certainly makes the gameplay easier and gives the opportunity to go through the most difficult levels without using hints. Don’t worry, as the mod cannot affect the security of your gadget.

The young writer moves to the quiet town of Thornton Grove in order to enjoy the peace and quiet. However, the “sleepy” town keeps many secrets. Already on the first day, the girl receives reproach from the hotel owner. Later on her way, she meets chief of the local police, who seeks to solve a number of mysterious crimes. Moreover, Nora Mistry, who writes detective stories, agrees to help the chief.

From this moment on, Nora faces the strangest discoveries and secrets. She has to find out secret of the city and secrets of its inhabitants, as well as catch the criminal. However, in order to perform any of the actions, it is necessary to go through match-3 levels. Doing so you can help the journalist in solving the case.

Small Town Murders: Match 3 features a number of strange crimes, which Nora Mistry has to solve. She has to look for evidence, interrogate suspects, arrest them and help the investigation. That is why player needs to help the young journalist and find the criminal.

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