Smash Hit Mod APK (Unlimited Balls/Premium) 1.4.3

Smash Hit is an exciting android arcade from Mediocre, where players have to overcome different obstacles on the way. Destroy crystals, glass and much more with the help of iron balls. However, remember that its number is limited. Be sure to aim correctly and left some shells for further obstacles. Otherwise, you can crash or fail to open the door and lose. Earn balls for each crystal you successfully knock down – as a kind of bonus. The more shells, the better you can protect yourself in the future. If you hit an obstacle and there are no balls, the game will end. We also bring to your attention Bubble Shooter and Dan the Man.

Keep reading and find out the main features of this game.

The idea behind Smash Hit is simple. You get a screen with a string of long rooms. Each of them has different obstacles made of glass. For completing the level, you get good bonuses in form of metal balls needed to make your way further. Throw them with a tap on the screen. At the very beginning, the number of balls is 25. However, if you break crystals and go through obstacles, its number increases. Everything depends on the type of stone and trap.

If you have one obstacle in front of you, you must throw one ball. You get bonuses for a precise hit. Moreover, if there are several obstacles and you shoot them down, the number of bonuses increases. It is possible to throw only five balls at a time. The game becomes more difficult with the walkthrough of every level.

The first thing a user may encounter when launching Smash Hit is a completely incomprehensible world and yet unfamiliar gameplay. Steel balls fly, whole world around consists of some primitive polygonal blocks and transparent structures made of glass and obstacles. All these shiny balls fly out of nowhere and into nowhere, knocking down everything that comes on the way. It is especially amusing to destroy objects made of glass and obstacles. All items fly to shreds, as they obey local physics model. It is not immediately clear why it is not possible to get used to the physics engine. However, the secret is simple – it just changes slightly from level to level. At the same time, the game can boast of well-developed physics and this is perhaps the main feature of the project.

The game has 50 levels. Each of them can delight you with unsurpassed graphics and soundtrack. For lovers of physics and dynamics, as well as for those who like to calculate and control everything, Smash Hit can become a real boon. 11 styles of scenery give your eyes a rest. Concentrate and calculate time correctly to complete all levels very quickly. However, overall beauty comes down to the fact that after complete walkthrough it is interesting to play again, since the game does not bother at all.

Smash Hit has over fifty levels with stunning graphics and perfect soundtrack. It changes depending on the situation and helps you to focus and completely immerse in the atmosphere. More than ten styles of decor in locations have a special design that saves your eyes from fatigue. Just concentrate on the gameplay without distraction, carefully calculating your every step. The graphics in the game have a soft and harmonious color scheme and at the same time very simple.  

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited balls. In addition, it also features a premium version that allows you to save your progress in the game.

Our team has tested Smash Hit and its mod. All above declared functions confirmed its functionality. You need to complete several steps to take advantage of bonuses. First, after starting the game, click on special button in the upper left corner to open a mod menu. There you can activate unlimited balls. In order to activate the premium version, click on get a premium version in upper right corner of the main menu. Then click on Restore Purchase button. Done – now you can play with no limits.

Your main task in Smash Hit is to break as many glass obstacles as possible with special shells represented in form of metal balls. Each movement is a shot that you need to direct exactly to the contact point. At first, everything seems very simple, but as complexity increases, you move faster, while the structures become more complex and multifaceted.

The player movement greatly varies in design and types of obstacles that appear. Along with change in speed and difficulty, the music in Smash Hit also changes. It gradually becomes faster, adding tension to the gameplay. Try to aim carefully and make good shots. For successfully hitting the target, you receive not only precious balls, but also useful bonuses, for example, a time delayer.

Due to the abundance of glass structures, constantly changing geometry and texture, Smash Hit creates the impression of a rich futuristic world. The developers also took care of the realistic component. All obstacles break with a characteristic sound and hole size depends on impact force. Moreover, if you cannot hit the target the ball will bounce off the obstacle.

Smash Hit is an interesting and unusual design arcade game that should definitely please lovers of everything modern and abstract. The game content can easily amaze all fans of creative designs and great graphics.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Smash Hit before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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