Soccer Super Star Mod APK (Unlimited Rewinds) 0.0.63

Soccer Super Star is a soccer game for Android devices from Gamevil that definitely can’t leave you indifferent. Becoming a soccer star has never been such a real opportunity. Create your player and go to any team you like in the game. Football fans will love this app. Also, pay attention to Score! Match or practice trampoline jumping with Flip Master.

The concept of Soccer Super Star is to advance your personal strategy through the league of your dreams. Play and Win! It’s pretty simple.

Every time before you start playing Soccer Super Star, you have the opportunity to set your own settings that determine the strategy and content of your team. You can improve and upgrade each player you like separately. Create your own unbeatable team! Build and come up with your game strategy. Become not only a player in the team, but also its coach. Use your logic and your knowledge of football to win as many victories as possible and make your team the best in the world!

Everything you do in Soccer Super Star is identical to a real football, so you don’t need to invent or learn anything new. Make passes to your players, practice shots, score goals. The developers also introduced into the game special attacks and techniques, such as “fire strikes”. It is a mistake to believe that such new features can make your game much easier, because the enemy can also use them. Be smarter and develop your battle tactics! After all, new techniques make the game more difficult, but at times more fun. You cannot definitely be bored in this game! We promise you can lose track of time and play all day long. Score as many goals as you can. The road to success has never been easier.

As you progress through the game, enemy shots become more challenging, so you need a solid strategy to prevent attacks and build up your defenses. Soccer Super Star doesn’t get too difficult, but maintains an ever-increasing difficulty while offering the best gaming experience!

In addition to all the cool features, Soccer Super Star has 4 different game modes in which you can improve your skills, practice passes and shots, train your team and yourself. You can choose the mode depending on whether you want to play alone or with other users. The game also has 3 training options.

Which mode and training option to choose is up to you. Find players’ weaknesses and work them out before the most important game for the title of World Cup!

Soccer Super Star has fantastic graphics. Each player is detailed. The colorfulness and color rendering pleases you, because it is much more pleasant to play with an excellent picture. Plunge into the world of football matches, feel the whole stadium atmosphere. It is a great opportunity to play the role of a football player and escape from your everyday problems. Sound effects in the form of support from the stands can only spur you to go ahead and play for the title of champion.

We offer you our mod that gives you a chance to rewind time. Unlimited rewinds can help you win any match!

We played and tested Soccer Super Star. Based on the results of our test, we confirm the operability of the unlimited rewinds mod. Now, if you have not realized your moment, then you can select the replay function for a few seconds and return to the shot to score a goal. Please note that you have only few moments to decide. If you don’t choose replay, you have to develop the whole attack from the very beginning.

Experience the chance to become a star with Soccer Super Star. The game was created to make your day more fun. There are three types of gameplay at the start of the game: two players, solo player and tournament mode. Choose one of them, become the star and play with other players. There are also many national teams in the game such as Brazil, Germany, Spain and so on. The goal of this game is to develop an excellent strategy against your opponent and win the game. Your opponents can be tough in this game, but don’t forget that you are the best football player in this league. Use your time carefully and destroy all your rivals to win the trophy. You won’t regret playing this game. Super Soccer Star is one of the best sport games of all time. Have fun!

Play and enjoy the insanely real, super-fast and addictive gameplay! Do you like action-packed arcade football but don’t have enough time to practice? The easy-to-learn controls of Soccer Super Star will get you started. Just slide your finger across the screen to hit the ball and score a goal! Our mod allows you to make the game even more fun. Become a champion!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Soccer Super Star before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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