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Soul Knight is a fun RPG with tons of weapons and endless possibilities. Explore the underworld and various laboratories and get rid of all aliens who have captured a rare artifact. Shoot all the enemies on your way and return what should belong to you. Use all available characters, unlocking new ones for in-game currency and especially valuable crystals. By the way, we also have some cool pixel action and RPG games on our site, such as Pixel Gun 3D and Grimvalor.

Download Soul Knight and change the fate of the whole world, which depends only on your decisions!

Each time you enter a level, a new randomly generated location awaits you. Open the door of the next laboratory and try to move as far as possible in its research. Destroy enemies and fight bosses who have unique skills and special abilities, which, in turn, will significantly complicate your walkthrough. Use different tricks and try to get as little damage as possible in each of the battles.

Smash chests and other objects on the level. Each time you can find interesting swords and guns to fight. Great bows, powerful magical staves, and a wide variety of melee weapons await you. Use spears, swords, axes and even real pistols that can help you in the battle against the most serious enemy. You can change weapons at any time and enjoy a new exciting gameplay with a wide variety of items.

In addition to a variety of weapons, in many locations of Soul Knight you will meet interesting characters. They can happily fight by your side and cover you in difficult battles with both regular opponents and bosses. Some locations are simply impossible to go through alone, and the help of one or another hero may come in handy. Help them, and they in turn can help you in battles. They can not only distract the enemy’s attention to themselves, but also cover you from bullets or fireballs flying around the rooms.

Spend your free time in the shelter and hire new characters. Buy them for crystals or other in-game currency and experience new sensations from the game using a magician or archer. Each character gives a certain bonus to a particular skill, and you can always enjoy a variety of gameplay. Some heroes give you more gold, while others have increased melee or ranged damage. Choose skills wisely, and plan tactics for the hero you have chosen.

Keep track of your health indicators and replenish your HP with special items in time. In addition to health, you also have armor, which the enemy can also pierce, but it can save you from damage in the later stages of the game. You need mana to use a variety of skills. You can see all these three indicators in the upper left corner of the screen. Make sure that they do not fall below the permissible values, and only in this case you get the opportunity to enjoy the exciting gameplay.

The graphics in Soul Knight can make you smile. Yes, now you won’t surprise anyone with good pixel graphics. It was popular and cool 3 years ago, to draw everything like this in the old style. Many have mastered pixel art and such graphics. You can see similar graphics in Pixel Dungeon and in a thousand other games. At the same time, we must say that there are many games with poor and lower quality pixel graphics, and that the level here is still high. The animations are good, the details are drawn, the effects and the maps are not bad. In addition to pixel art, the developers decided to add a monophonic soundtrack to make the game as retro as possible. All the same, it looks nice in total.

Soul Knight is famous for its multiple mods for several years now. Many people hack this game directly in order to get a unique experience during the walkthrough. We managed to find a working solution that has a built-in menu with multiple functions available. Optionally, you can enable and try the following features: unlimited diamonds and energy, instant kill and no skill recharge. In addition, at the start of the game, you can immediately receive 1000 coins and choose any companion. During the game, you can also turn on the option of immunity to various elements (ice, fire, etc.) and open all the blueprints for making weapons at once. Another nice bonus is the lack of advertising and the ability to buy paid items free.

Our team has tested the menu mod for Soul Knight and can confidently guarantee its functionality. All menu functions work flawlessly. If you wish, you can use all of its options, or separately. The possibility of purchasing paid goods free also deserves special attention. Just go to the in-game store, select the skin or ability you like and click on the buy button. In this case, you will see a message that the purchase cannot be made. However, by closing the message box, you may find out that the purchase was actually completed.

Soul Knight is an interesting RPG in which you have to explore many levels and destroy monsters that have captured the artifact. Use a variety of heroes with unique skills, and try to go as far as possible. Download Soul Knight, change weapons and find the most powerful equipment right on the battlefield. Each time the map generates randomly, and will have to look for new paths to complete. Find secret locations and get the best equipment!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Soul Knight before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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