Space Inc Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.5.6

Space Inc not in vain deserves a rating of 4.3 points in Google Play Market. It is one of the most unusual clicker simulators. Project allows you to develop a space station, representing the role of its manager. Story tells about near future, where one of new society hobbies is visiting space. Protagonist decided to open his own spaceport. This fantastic simulator opens up many sides of such a non-standard business and allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of space adventure. By the way, we have prepared other interesting clickers for you. For example, Idle Construction 3D and Hero Wars.

Many clickers are becoming popular these days. The reason for this is easy and pleasant plot. Incremental games are the simplest ones, as they are suitable for those situations where you need to pass time or do frivolous leisure. After all, the only movement you make is a light tap on the screen of your smartphone.

Space Inc provides players with different flight options. You can travel to Moon, Mars, Titan and other planets and satellites. Monitor all processes and try to make all allowed customers satisfied with your services. This is very difficult in a game environment, so you have to make a lot of effort to bring your business to the highest level.

At the entry level of Space Inc, player receives a small territory with a modest recruitment of personnel and equipment. You can use two types of transport: space express to flight station and pretty rocket. Each of these techniques has many options for improvements after upgrading planet Earth, which leads to frequent visitor complaints about slow operation of the space station. However, this cannot prevent the creation of successful spaceport to the envy of your competitors.

Space Inc completely focuses on the main hobby of nearest future – flying to other planets. We cannot see this in real life, but Lion Studios provides such an opportunity free. Now you can easily learn about neighboring planets and satellites. Your spaceport is equipped with a large number of professional technics. Game has a map of planets where you can continue your space business. The higher the planet level, the greater the chances of discovering new territories on the way to success.

Already on the first launch of Space Inc you can immediately hear perky music and signals from space express, which should pick up first participants in space travel. Each click has a certain musical signal, while discovery of new industries, planets, satellites and space rockets provides players with the bright sound of shooting stars. Game graphics are universal for this category. Clickers have simple cartoon graphics that are pleasing to the eye. Project features objects with bright and variegated colors, introducing player into atmosphere of adventure at space station.

As is often the case, Space Inc contains currency that is often lacking in clickers. Promotional videos do not provide enough money for new upgrades, which slows down the game for hours, if not days. In order not to wait, you can use our mod for unlimited money, which amount will stay the same even if you buy a new tier for one of flights. Enough amount of currency greatly speeds up the process of station developing and helps the player to upgrade it at his own will, discovering new locations and advantages.

We confirm that after installing a modified version of Space Inc you can easily spend in-game currency without fear that it may run out one day. No matter how much money you spend, its amount won’t decrease. This is very convenient, because now you can afford any improvement for your project. Using our mod, you can build spaceport and master our galaxy in the shortest possible time. We have made sure that installation file was safe. Just install the game, following our instructions.

Plot of Space Inc bases on future events, which are rare even now in the modern world. You are a novice businessperson with own new space station. Raise its ratings and become known not only to the whole world, but also to the entire galaxy. Millions of people are queuing up for the space express to travel to one of the popular planets.

Project is very addictive with its simplicity and variety. Overall idea is definitely a success and 100 thousand active players have already built their space stations not only on Earth, but also on other planets known to science.

It is enough to make a click to upgrade one or another vehicle in Space Inc. As you understand, gameplay process is very easy so you can join aesthetic atmosphere of space business after a couple of minutes.

Every space station needs not only a good player, but also an organized leader. Try yourself in the role of multimillionaire who has acquired a new space station for flights to other planets. Upgrade your space station and become the best among competitors in Space Inc.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Space Inc before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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