Spiral Roll Mod APK (Unlimited Coins) 1.11.1

Spiral Roll is an exciting runner where you have to control carpentry tools to cut your way to the finish line. Main character in this game is a flying chisel. It may look a little strange, but developers managed to create a full-fledged game around such an idea. With this tool, you can scrape gutters in long wood planks to produce different sized shavings. It is necessary to create shavings in order to destroy obstacles arising on the path. Over time, you can easily deal with local mechanics of calculating bonuses directly related to correct estimation of resulting chips size. Download other interesting arcade games such as Hide ‘N Seek and Tangle Master 3D.

In a short time Spiral Roll has managed to reach over 50 million downloads. The average rating in official sources is 4 points.

Spiral Roll is ready to offer you many levels that differ from each other in complexity and theme of locations. As you already understood, the main character here is an instrument that float above ground and move tirelessly forward to the finish line. VOODOO studio has implemented an interesting mechanic of moving to a new level here. You need to not only reach the finish line, but also cut enough wood to get to the next stage. Therefore, you need spirals from shavings not only to destroy obstacles, but also to generate points on scale of transition to the next stage.

It is worth saying that the locations in Spiral Roll change periodically. Classic pond, jungle, fairytale forest – these and many other locations can delight you with picturesque views. Levels are relatively difficult here, but all this complexity disappears when you get the hang of determining required chip size. The fact is that there is a variety of obstacles located in your path. Most often, you come across brick walls, which crumble into dust in case of cutting. Game also features other unusual obstacles. For example, there may be various metal inserts on board, which immediately can break chisel if you do not have time to release the button.

It is also important to mention the presence of skins for your chisel. Spiral Roll allows you to earn in-game currency and previously listed bonuses. All these benefits provide you with an opportunity to purchase various chisel skins in special store. Be prepared to change the look of your instrument radically. For example, here you can exchange a chisel for a clerical knife, a beautiful dagger, a lightsaber and so on. Skins do not affect the effectiveness of your tool. However, they certainly add additional variety to the gameplay.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing the high-quality graphic design, complemented by well-developed physics of all in-game objects. Amusing music plays throughout your adventure in Spiral Roll, further immersing you in this epic adventure.

We offer you to download our mod for unlimited money. You can spend them on purchasing funny skins.

Our testers checked Spiral Roll and proposed money mod. We can guarantee you its full functionality. You don’t need to do any additional steps to get coins in your account. Just download and install the presented version on your device. We also guarantee you complete safety of installation file. There are no malwares or other harmful threats.

VOODOO developers have made an excellent arcade game that has many interesting levels to offer. Just control a large and well-sharpened jigsaw, which easily removes thick layers of wood from any logs. Action usually takes place on river that can perfectly raft processed wood. By tapping the button, you begin to cut tree layers twisting it into huge spirals.

You can adjust the size of skeins in Spiral Roll, because they act as projectiles that destroy any obstacles on the way. As for obstacles, both stationary objects, such as walls or other logs and moving ones are waiting for you. Often you can come across large cutters, saws and other objects that block your path in a certain sequence. Therefore, you have to guess the moment to slip past them or just destroy everything with your chips.

Tasks in are quite simple, especially after several rounds played. Over time, you learn to throw your spirals in such a way that they could destroy several obstacles at once. After all, number of traps at each Spiral Roll stage increases, hence the complexity. In addition to destroying obstacles, their remains can also harm you. Therefore, you also have to dodge, increasing or decreasing jigsaw height.

Arcade runners are increasingly replacing classic games focused on endless running of the main character. If you are ready to get acquainted with a modern runner, then download Spiral Roll.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Spiral Roll before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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