Star Walk 2 Mod APK (Unlocked/No Ads) 2.11.11

Almost everyone would like to see the starry sky in all its glory. However, place of residence and certain time part of year cannot allow enjoying the beauty of starry sky fully. Usually, only a couple of stars are visible in the sky at night, which do not please lovers of aesthetic observation. Therefore, many astronomical apps are progressing to include observing night sky in main features. Star Walk 2 is a pocket guide to the starry sky on your Android device. By using this application, you have an opportunity to enjoy beauty of stars and constellations, having only smartphone. Vito Technology has created a unique sky map app to aid in study of astronomy. We also want to recommend you and Faster & Safer Internet.

Star Walk 2 is popular and ranked among the top apps in Education category. Presence of variety of languages ​​pleases residents of many countries, who can use this app for withdrawing digital map on smartphone. Users on Play Store rated the app at 4.7 points.

With help of Star Walk 2, everyone is able to get to know more closely elements of starry sky. Learn about Cepheus, Ursa Minor, Southern Fish and other constellations. In addition, you can find out about history and location of planets, constellations and stars.

For a better study of the constellations presented in the app, you familiarize yourself with three-dimensional figures only by rotating the digital map. Graphics in Star Walk 2 have a special place, as it fascinates and makes user plunge into mysterious atmosphere of space. You can find out what the constellation looks like by tapping one of the names presented with your finger.

Star Walk 2 allows its users to admire the night sky and visual constellations. Just provide access to camera and capture the night sky with interactive option. Built-in filter provides you with a variety of constellations in the night sky, causing extraordinary emotions.

App also has another essential feature for star lovers. By using section “News” and “Today on the map”, it is possible to find interesting information about the latest events in celestial constellations. In addition, here you can learn about those constellations that flicker in the sky today. Moreover, Sky Live section provides new information about space bodies.

Main menu greets users with a bright night sky, where you can find Peacock, Octant, Saturn and Capricorn constellation. By clicking on the name of one of the constellations, you can see its virtual view in the sky. Menu in lower right corner contains many important sections:

Our team has tested access to premium version of Star Walk 2 and confirms full mod functionality. Indeed, all presented options become available already at the first launch. Just download Star Walk 2 Mod APK and install it according to instructions below to enjoy unlocked features. By the way, installation file contains no malware or harmful viruses that pose danger to your device.

As is often the case, Play Store apps contain paid content. Star Walk 2 provides users with opportunity to purchase Premium access, which provides beauty of the night sky in 3D, opening up many additional functions. Premium disables annoying ads and allows finding out more information about planets, solar system, constellations and space presented. By downloading our Star Walk 2 mod, user gets access to all the new features that are available in Premium.

In order to see the constellations in the night sky, it is enough to use Star Walk 2, which can immerse you in atmosphere of adventure on galactic map. Now, you can easily enjoy constellations in the sky, learn more about its history and read news about the latest changes in space.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Star Walk 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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