Stick Clash Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.22

Stick Clash is an amazing and entertaining application, made in casual style with some additional features. There are many amazing puzzles to solve. Take on the management of unusual characters with individual needs and abilities. It takes many confrontations, so study a lot of the characteristics of opponents and much more. It is necessary to defeat all opponents, kill numerous enemies and convince the mercenaries to fight for their side. The more you defeat opponents, the more you will gather an army. Moreover, boss battle awaits you at the end. If you love casual projects, then download also Draw Hero 3D and My Talking Angela 2.

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As soon as you start exploring the levels of Stick Clash, you immediately understand that you need a strong team. The more soldiers you have, the easier it is to win. Directly interact with the fighters, moving them in the right direction. You independently choose the path on the map, focusing on personal preferences. Please note that you cannot move backwards under any circumstances. You have to explore new paths, defeating opponents. Do not forget to take into account their level of development, because you do not want to lose in such a situation. It is required to look at the situation from different angles, analyzing everything that happens. In order to defeat the enemy’s army, you need to get a numerical superiority over him. Just pay attention to the number located next to the army. It symbolizes the number of participants in it.

If you manage to defeat the enemy battalion, then prisoners will join your ranks. Therefore, you can greatly upgrade your capabilities, so it is better to attack those who do not outnumber you. Always go ahead exploring new trails. You cannot turn back, so take into account when making decisions. The more victories you win, the greater the reward will be.

Please note that you have to face bosses from time to time in Stick Clash. They are much stronger, so it is important to build the right strategy. It is not easy to do, so try to calculate everything correctly. If you make even a tiny mistake, you will perish. Weigh and analyze each step to win, so be more attentive and concentrated.

Defeating opponents with your wits is not easy, but it is worth it. As soon as this happens, they immediately join you. Carefully analyze all the actions to win many victories. The developers have added a lot of functionality to create an incredibly strong and powerful squad.

Stick Clash has beautiful high-quality graphics, numerous charming characters, many different puzzles that allow you to pump your thinking, as well as convenient and simple controls. There is practically no sound in the project, which is a small drawback.

We bring to your attention a mod for Stick Clash with unlimited amount of money. In addition, we opened all stickman skins. In order to make it even more convenient to play, our team disabled all ads in the application. Such an approach allows you to enjoy gameplay experience to the fullest.

Stick Clash is a fun original project that allows you to enjoy Stickman’s company. He is very belligerent, because he has to fight with many enemies with different strengths. Each of them wants to win, but you need to make every effort. The more upgraded your character is, the better the result will be.

Control a squad of stickmen who want to defeat mobile rivals. To begin with, you need to think over the correct development strategy, which allows you to move perfectly in all directions. Simply direct the characters to the right place and then observe all the actions. Think about what awaits you next, because you need to win at every stage. When you defeat the enemy squad, they join your ranks. Such an approach perfectly allows you to replenish your ranks, because it is necessary for further development.

Do not forget to upgrade the team’s abilities to achieve the desired goals. You need to monitor the number of people in colony carefully, because this directly affects the victory. The stronger you become, the less chance of losing to the final boss. He is very strong and makes you very nervous when you find yourself in front of him. Each stage involves several solutions, so be guided by logical thinking and ingenuity.

Find many different hordes of rivals in Stick Clash with different gadgets and tools. The developers have made the filling colorful and rich, which makes the pastime simply unforgettable. Improve strategic thinking, intelligence and mental abilities. Pay attention to each step, because if you make even a small mistake, you will have to go through everything again.

Stick Clash is an exciting unique game where you need to resist different rules. Combine identical fragments with each other and grow new soldiers. If you want to have fun, then download the modified version and enjoy.

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