Stickman Hook Mod APK (Unlocked Skins/No Ads) 7.1.0

Stickman Hook is an arcade game that gives players many positive emotions. Your main task is to dodge obstacles and come to the finish line unharmed. Main character has to go through numerous levels, made in the form of obstacle course. He never stands still – there is always something to push off from and something to swing on, holding onto a rope. Use these devices to get to the level end. The locations here are very short, but it is not always easy to go through them. You have to control an incredibly agile and flexible character named Stickman. He, like a spider-man, jumps, clings to ropes and performs acrobatic stunts. In addition, Stickman is able to turn into a ball to overcome particularly difficult obstacles. In general, the gameplay is a bit like Heroes Inc! or The Archers 2, but has a number of fundamental differences.

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When you start Stickman Hook for the first time, the tutorial does not appear, but it is easy to figure it out. Stickman jumps on a ball-shaped trampoline. In order to overcome the finish line, you just need to tap on the grip located at the top right. A rope flies out of it, catches your character and then moves him to the right place. When you complete the level, you see how the hero dances merrily.

The tasks become more difficult the further you go. If you notice an abyss ahead, you will have to swing well on the rope. Otherwise, you cannot reach the next grip. Hold your finger on the screen and release it at the right moment to make everything correctly. You can also bounce off the trampolines in the absence of grip – just choose the right direction so as not to fly back.

Players encounter slides for the first time on the fifth level. Here and further, you need a good reaction, as the game pace noticeably accelerates. Main hero often comes across empty gaps where he can easily fly away. If you unsuccessfully hooked on the grip, and now rotate in the opposite direction from intended path, just wait a little. By inertia, the character will turn around and continue his way. Another option is to release the grip and then catch it again. It is better to do this only if there is no abyss directly below you.

Now there are 150 different levels in Stickman Hook. Your task is not to fall down. The line, which the developers have carefully placed at the top of the screen, helps you navigate how much you have passed and how much you still need to run to the finish line.

Completing levels in Stickman Hook, main hero unlocks the ability to change the main character visually. The first skin opens after completion of 5th level, then 10th level, 20th, etc. The last option unlocks after passing 150th level. The skins in the game are funny. You can try on hamburger, cactus, dragon, lemon, unicorn, etc. Although skins do not provide advantages, you can use them to have a lot of fun. Skins diversify your game and make it much more fun.

Stickman Hook continues to describe the amazing world of funny people. You can enjoy nice graphics and lightweight gameplay. Captivate by the game mechanics and ease of passing on the first levels. However, the levels become much more difficult later.

Free version of Stickman Hook periodically displays ads – one of the ways to earn money for developers. If this moment does not suit you, then you can download the mod with all ads removed. In addition, the presented version provides all the skins already unlocked.

We confirm availability of unlocked skins mod in the game after installing. In addition, players will no longer have to watch annoying ads. In order to use the mod, you only need to download the proposed version and install it on your smartphone.

Many games want to kill your free time. When you sit in line or ride in transport, you need to entertain yourself somehow. Mobile games come to the rescue as well as possible. Developers come up with more and more arcades of this genre, trying to surprise players with imagination and keep them in the game as long as possible. Stickman Hook belongs to the category of games that did it. The app gained a lot of popularity and quickly rose to the top of free games on Google Play.

If you want to play something simple and casual, but at the same time with originality, then take a closer look at Stickman Hook. It features many challenges that are difficult enough to pass. Now, more than 50 million people have downloaded it in Google Play. Try to help the stickman get to the finish line, unlock new skins and make the game more interesting and varied.

This game is very easy to control, fun and dynamic. There is no need to waste time on leveling up the character and going through locations for a long time. You can just have a good few minutes that you freed up to improve your mood in the middle or at the end of working day. Millions of players are already enjoying it. Join them and you, if you are a fan of such arcades.

Stickman Hook can help players to have fun. The game is a time killer, which copes with its main task just fine. We definitely recommend you to familiarize yourself with the project, if for some reason you have not done it yet.

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