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Stickman Revenge 4 is a new game from the famous series developed by Bravestars Games. The total number of downloads has already exceeded 10 million. The Forces of Evil have reawakened, and only you can stop them in this exciting action game. Your main task is to defeat enemies using classic weapons, as well as various useful skills. Throw shurikens or call a deadly hail of arrows that kills everyone who falls under it.

Go through the levels and upgrade your character, choosing one of several parameters to enhance the great hero. Each level ending will surprise you with different deadly bosses that you can cope with only using special tactics. Reflect attacks from waves of monsters and kill all bosses. However, be careful! If you die, you need to go through the entire level again.

The Stickman Revenge series gained millions of fans around the world. If you are in doubt about whether to download the game, check out its main features.

As you progress through Stickman Revenge 4, your character will become more and more powerful, as game provides improvement opportunities at different points of walkthrough. You will always choose one of three bonuses. Improvements include an increase in maximum number of hero’s lives, faster cooldown of special skills, increase in inflicting critical damage chance, increase in damage with skills, simple attacks, reduced damage and much more. Challenge the dark forces and make your hero the strongest to complete this adventure to the end.

Stickman Revenge 4 allows you to maintain the utmost concentration, because your character constantly fight with dark forces and becomes stronger as you progress through the game. The enemy attacks in waves: infantrymen, flying monsters, long-range units, assassins and so on. Hone your combat skills and improve your reflexes just by exploring this dark world.

The developers did a great job and provided gamers with the opportunity to improve their weapons to make it even more interesting for you to travel the game world. The stronger you become, the more options you have to choose: swords, katanas and other piercing and cutting weapons to destroy your enemies. Special skills such as throwing shurikens can make your gameplay even more varied, because you can combine ranged and melee combat. Don’t forget to wait a few seconds after using the skill until it becomes available again.

If you suddenly have problems with Internet connection, this absolutely won’t prevent you from continuing your adventure. Stickman Revenge 4 does not require Internet access to play, so you can enjoy it offline anytime. Don’t miss your chance to punish the forces of evil and take part in epic battles while enjoying smooth gameplay.

Stickman Revenge 4 is not a demanding game for smartphones due to its small size and high-quality optimization. At the same time, the graphics have high quality level, and in general, the game has an oriental style, as indicated by the character models and locations. The sound in the game is pleasant, so you will love the sounds of flapping swords and shurikens flight whistle, while the voices of various enemies and bosses will add even more color.

Stickman Revenge 4 is free to play, although there are in-game purchases. If you do not want to wait to take advantage of all game content, you can download its modified version that will provide an unlimited number of crystals/stamina.

We played Stickman Revenge 4 to give our verdict on this game. We can assure you, that crystals/stamina mod works properly. You just need to install a modified version and receive all the bonuses after the first launch.

The game controls are simple and intuitive. With your left hand, you set the direction of movement, and with your right hand, you choose different actions. You can fight with a simple sword strike, roll, jump, as well as use special skills: throwing shurikens and calling a hail of arrows. Shurikens roll back within five seconds, and it takes 15 seconds to use arrows again. However, you can reduce this time by using the improvements offered to you as you progress.

By the way, there are many improvements to choose from, which makes the gameplay even more varied and exciting. You can upgrade your hero as a tank, gradually increasing his maximum amount of HP, or make him a real killer, improving his damage power against enemies. It’s up to you to choose.

At the same time, you get coins and crystals for completing levels, as well as earn experience, which can be useful to unlock new types of weapons. Don’t forget about the bosses, as you will need to create unique tactic for each of them.

Stickman Revenge 4 will help you spend your time with interest, fighting against hundreds of different enemies. If you like dynamic action games like Infinity Ops: Online FPS with a character leveling system, then we recommend you to play Stickman. Do not hesitate to save the world from the evil intentions of insidious monsters with the help of your trusty sword and some additional features.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Stickman Revenge 4 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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