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Storyngton Hall is a quintessential match-3 puzzle game. This is the only thing that makes it look like a similar genre. Game sends the player to England during the Victorian era, when beautiful women wore dresses of indescribable beauty, and all men were gentle. The player have to take care of the main character, who turns out to be the heiress of a huge mansion. Due to the long absence, the estate has fallen into almost complete decay and now you need to restore it. At the same time, you need to make friends, avoid or deal with enemies, dress up, flirt and arrange great receptions! If you like games like this, we recommend you Baby Manor. For fans of beautiful outfits and design games, we have prepared Hollywood Story: Fashion Star.

Storyngton Hall was developed by BIT.GAMES in 2019. To date, the game has over million download, and its rating is 4.2 points.

The player have to help the main character Jane Green, who moves to the family mansion with her parents. According to the storyline, Jane dreams of becoming a writer and publishing a bestseller with romantic content, in which she have to help the player. However, besides her writing ambitions, Jane has other things to do. She needs to make friends with the local nobility and win their respect and love. The heroine’s parents have completely different plans for her future. According to the older Greens, Jane must find a worthy life partner, for which she needs to take many game actions.

One of the main tasks at Storyngton Hall is to host the ball, which not only stir up the entire local elite, but also become the best for centuries to come. The player helps the main character clean up not only the dilapidated ballroom, but also other premises of the mansion. Take an active part in the arrangement by choosing one or another appearance of the element. This allows you to feel involvement not only in the heroine life, but also in the distant times described in Storyngton Hall.

One of the features of Storyngton Hall are puzzles in the game locations. At the first stages of the walkthrough, they seem simple, but the further the player progresses, the more difficult it is to complete the levels with victories. Some users even complained about the difficulty of the levels, but the creators offer players a large number of bonuses and boosters to help them cope with even the most difficult puzzles. Fan societies allow you to find info about the strategies and intricacies of completing especially confusing levels. This makes the game more interesting and exciting! In addition, you can share news or ask for advice in the game chat.

Storyngton Hall has created rich and vibrant graphics that make the game very pleasing to the eye. The game’s historical bias boasts of well-drawn Victorian details. Smooth animation is present both in the plot and in process of solving puzzles. Storyngton Hall has good special effects, especially in match-3 locations, which allows you to get the most out of the game. Soundtrack includes pleasant music and unobtrusive sounds that create a feeling of immersion in the process. The sound in the game serves as a logical and pleasant addition.

We provide you Storyngton Hall a mod for unlimited stars to ensure the optimal walkthrough of storyline. This allows you to learn all the secrets of the story and fulfill the dreams of Jane and her parents as soon as possible.

The main feature of Storyngton Hall mod is unlimited stars. Each action in the game requires one star. Usually, players begin to solve match-3 puzzles in order to earn stars. However, we offer you option to have one star on your account. This way, you can progress through the story without stopping, even without being distracted by puzzle levels, if that’s more convenient for you. You can try it out by installing the game using the instructions below.

Storyngton Hall is a simple match-3 puzzle solving process. For successfully completing the levels, the player receives a reward in the form of blue stars, which play the role of money. This game currency allows the gamer to dress up the heroine, repair the property, meet guests and arrange balls. Due to the increasing complexity of the levels, it becomes more difficult to get blue stars from location to location.

The gameplay in the game is quite simple. You just need to collect combinations in locations with puzzles. Ease of control allows the player to operate with one hand, which greatly facilitates the process.

Storyngton Hall is a beautiful, uncomplicated game with an unobtrusive historical twist. It can help you to and pass the time, relax, and learn something. After all, England’s Victorian era is so beautiful and romantic!

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Don’t forget to delete the original version of Storyngton Hall before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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