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Streamgirls Inc. – an exciting simulator where you have to become the owner of an advertising agency that cooperates with models from online chats. The user opens his own business and can invite the most beautiful girls to his own team to do online broadcasts. In order to sign a contract with cute and charming girls, you must first conduct an interview, as well as collect a portfolio of potential participants. The most charming, outstanding and cute beauties will go on streams. There can be many viewers and fans to earn money. Therefore, bringing income to the campaign owner, who at that moment simply watches what is happening is the main target. If you love games with beautiful girls, we recommend Booty Calls and exciting Lustful Shores.

Find out about the main game features from our review.

For the most part, the entire gameplay depends on the user’s decision. How the advertising agency looks? What girls to take on the team? What to dress them up and how to move up the career ladder further.

A fascinating simulator allows you to relax and paint the gray everyday routine with bright colors. Streamgirls Inc. allows you to play as main character and, in parallel, owner of advertising empire. Your main task is to upgrade the studio, recruit a team of beauties and gain recognition and immense popularity. Atmospheric parties, popular personalities, bargains – all this and much more awaits you in the game!

Take the best models to your team. Complete all tasks under the established contract, without breaking the deadlines. Reach the top of your industry, gaining recognition, popularity and authority among others!

Having recruited own team to an advertising agency to pursue certain goals, the player begins to collect a portfolio of his models. It should subsequently bring the girls the necessary success. The main task of the user is not to lose face and select photographs. These photos have to be amazing so to make thousands of fans after viewing the broadcasts of your beauties.

Streamgirls Inc. especially delights the male audience, because in this game there are no ugly girls. Attractive appearance is practically necessary to become a successful streamer in our time. Only the slender and hottest beauties can work in your agency. During the game, you receive rather candid photos from the girls attached as part of your resume. However, if you are not interested in girls, you may be interested in the economic component of this game, so in any case Streamgirls Inc. well worth checking out.

Game graphics Streamgirls Inc. made in style standard for similar simulators. Large selection of different characters, many exciting mini-games, as well as other elements of the gameplay can delight every fan who prefers the most original and elaborate storyline. All characters and elements have excellent level of rendering. A calm and unobtrusive melody sounds in the background throughout the game. In different cases, it replaces with various signals that correspond to a specific action.

Building an advertising agency, making deals and buying outfits for your models requires cash, which is limited in the game. You can earn currency through mini-games and other actions. However, we can provide a mod that can give you unlimited money to promote your advertising business. Just imagine the money that increase while spending!

We tested Streamgirls Inc. for our valued users. Based on the test results, we can confirm that the unlimited money mod is absolutely safe and works correctly. When you spend money on something, its amount only increases. Thus, nothing can distract you from the addictive gameplay and observation of the beauties. Simply download the modified version to take advantage of unlimited resources. No other action is required from you.

Streamgirls Inc. – a classic simulator with elements of time and business management, where you need to increase the capital of your advertising agency. Work out its authority and popularity and invest in development in every possible way. Here you can advertise everything you want, and with completed tasks, you can fill such a valuable portfolio. There are no modes or large number of locations in Streamgirls Inc. You can only complete the storyline that consistently develops depending on your choice.

Streamgirls Inc. – a fascinating and interesting project that allows you to relax, brighten up gray weekdays, make a choice and fill your free time. Bright graphics, uncomplicated gameplay, a large number of achievements, a variety of choices and, of course, beautiful girls. All this awaits you in this game.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Streamgirls Inc. before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process

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