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Despite the fact that Summon Dragons were released quite recently, fans of fantasy role-playing games have already rated the game with highest marks. Already more than 140 thousand users in Play Store have tried this game. It has a plot that develops around main character. Become a real magician, taming dragons and using them during hard RPG battles. Each of the dragons has its own elements, which are applicable in battle. Main character must train his charges and prevail in battle with other dragons. If you love dragon games, then also check out DRAGON QUEST TACT. For fans of action and puzzles, we offer Survival at Gunpoint.

There are two main directions in the game: action part and RPG battles. Public ambiguously praised Summon Dragons and its average game score in Play Store is 4.4.

Summon Dragons is a new magical world where your main character, a magician, is called upon to tame dragons and train them to participate in serious battle with Scions of Darkness. You can train your dragon in any way possible. Do it with help of storyline levels during campaign, in the store, using a call and as a reward. Initially, player has only one dragon. However, you can get three more to help him in battle. Further in the story, gamer needs to go through the campaign levels and make difficult decisions to develop his clan of dragons.

Moreover, each dragon is unique that you can check by number of stars in dragon profile. Card also shows the rank: from rare to legendary. Your hero’s task is to collect all the dragons and defeat Scions of Darkness.

In addition to fights, Summon Dragons allows hero to create his own image. By clicking on icon in upper left corner, you can change avatar, add a frame, and select character for the game. Initially, only one option is available. However, with a set of points and new levels, other heroes become available for player.

Summon Dragons has a wide variety of playable levels that make up a complete campaign, most often 7-15 levels. Each campaign is a storyline. After completing it, player receives points, gems and coins, which serve as a resource for improving dragons.

Get access to great opportunities for improving your dragon with help of magic spheres and gold coins. Once every ten levels, you can use precious rubies to get new improved skill. You can upgrade attached dragons at any time. Profile of each dragon features equipment that protects your characters during the battle.

Summon Dragons begins with a well-written cut scene featuring Scions of Evil and new dragons. Graphics have high quality, as developers used the entire palette to describe the world of magic and its secrets. Each dragon has individual appearance, unique colors and exceptional skills that you can enjoy visually.

There is also musical accompaniment. You can hear the gentle and beautiful violin melody that characterizes peaceful settlement in the village. However, music takes on a completely different character in battle: it is clear that fighting begins. Pressing the keys in game also has corresponding sound, while battles also feature various sound effects: damage, attacking and winning.

Resources that serve as the main source for improvement are both the most important material in Summon Dragons and big problem. You can get coins and gems for daily logging into the game, completed tasks and battles. However, this is always not enough, given the large number of dragon trainings. Therefore, we provide you with opportunity to download a game with already built-in mod that gives you unlimited money. Use it to improve dragons and lead them to victory, save village and entire magical world from evil forces.

Based on the test results we confirm functionality of Summon Dragons mod, as it works correctly on any device. The only problem for users us that the game gets updates too often. As a result, our solution may become inoperative in some cases. At the same time, we always try to keep up to date versions of our games, so do not forget to follow our updates.

From the very beginning, Summon Dragons tells the story of evil forces that descended on magical world. First scene is the story of Grill, whose dragon stole the village’s gold. Now, your main goal in terms of first campaign is to eliminate impudent dragon and return the treasury to settlement.

Battles are fast and simple: the main idea is that dragons attack themselves, while you only need to train your dragons properly so that they could show their abilities in battle. In addition to battle and arena, player can get access to other locations that open in course of plot development.

Summon Dragons is a set of two different genres of games at once, which occupy the highest positions in tops, making the game versatile and interesting. Players have to fight many villains of new world, using team of faithful dragons in battle.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Summon Dragons before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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