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Survival Master 3D is a fascinating and amazing game made in accordance with all the canons of action genre. Feel like a real Robinson Crusoe who stuck on a desert island. Developers took a responsible approach to the project design, so it turned out to be of high quality and exciting. Getting out of island is almost impossible, so all that remains is to adapt to current conditions. Now you are able to understand how much you can survive on a desert tropical island, relying only on yourself. If you like games in survival genre then we can also recommend you Angry Birds Journey and One Night at Flumpty’s 2.

With over 5 million downloads Survival Master 3D has already become popular and now we will prove it to you.

Each stage is a separate mini-game you need to win. For example, if you are hunting fish, first, you have to sharpen the stick. Further, you find yourself at a reservoir where future victims swim. Your task is to aim using a special mark and then throw a spear. If you get there, then fish immediately turns out to be on a spit over the fire. If you do not hit, then it is necessary to restart the level. In this case, your hero doesn’t die, so you can try to complete the stage as many times as you like. However, if you tried to hunt a shark and missed, then a fight with a predator begins.

In general, Survival Master 3D includes two types of battles. To begin with, let us define those that pass between the character and inhabitants of the island – animals. Both opponents have a health reserve. Whoever runs out of it faster loses. In order to inflict damage, you first need to catch the slider that moves along the scale – the closer it is to the center, the higher the impact force. In addition, the battle can take place with pirates. Just quickly move across the screen – the faster you run, the more often you strike with a saber.

There are two ways to win in Survival Master 3D – you can leave the island on your own or wait for outside help. The first option is the most reliable, but for this, you have to try hard and live alone for more than a dozen days. During this time, you can collect enough wood, rope and cotton to make a raft with a sail. If you plan to wait, you have to play even longer until somebody finds you. Moreover, among all identification marks, you can only make a fire and lay out the SOS inscription from stones. By the way, using stones, you also have the ability to summon ghost pirates – just lay out the skull.

Given the fact that Survival Master 3D is an ordinary time killer in clicker genre, its graphic component of cannot boast of high quality. Light background music represents a soundtrack that can help you to relax and tune in to the gameplay. Overall, both components complement each other perfectly, offering gamers a fun island adventure.

Local in-game currency in Survival Master 3D is resources. With its help, you can gradually improve your means of survival, becoming an increasingly experienced hunter and wildlife resident. We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited resources, which you can use to get the best living conditions and items as soon as possible.

Our team has tested unlimited resources mod for Survival Master 3D and can guarantee its full functionality. All you need to do is to complete first level to get access to endless supply of in-game currency. Just follow our instructions below to install game correctly. Don’t worry, as installation file is safe for Android devices, as we checked it with several antivirus apps.

Gameplay begins with the fact that after the crash you find yourself on the shore. As soon as you open your eyes, it is worth finding some food, as well as picking up tools brought ashore. This is not easy to do, because you have practically no strength left. When you find a couple of necessary fragments, it is worth constructing a spear from them, which is necessary for fishing. You can also use it as a harpoon. The more accurately you aim, the better the result will be.

You need to get food constantly, because it is almost impossible to survive on this island without feeding yourself. Just come up with many different ways, trying to diversify your existence in Survival Master 3D. Look around carefully for trees. Eat fruits that serve as sources of vitamins, ant steal eggs from bird nests. Try stealing an egg and then fry it on open fire. Don’t forget about hunting. The larger the hunting object, the more dangerous it is. Remember this when you decide to attack him.

In addition, there are flocks of unusual gorillas on island that can attack you for food. It won’t be easy to fight them off, so it’s important to be tricky. Creators of Survival Master 3D specially made simple and convenient controls, making life easier for users. After a while, you will learn how to create many unusual devices in order to achieve additional benefits of civilization.

Survival Master 3D is a great solution for those who want to demonstrate their survival skills. You have to give up the benefits of civilization, finding yourself on a deserted island. Rely only on yourself and be careful. Developers have added many unusual moments that complicate the gameplay. Soon, you will definitely learn how to fish with a spear, climb trees, destroy nests and much more.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Survival Master 3D before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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