Talking Tom Gold Run Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Talking Tom Gold Run from Outfit7 Ltd is a mobile runner featuring the protagonists of Talking Tom franchise. During the gameplay, you need to control main character on an endlessly long random track full of traps and various obstacles. Your task is to run along it as far as possible, avoiding collisions. At the same time, it is advisable not to forget to collect gold bars that can help improve the hero dwellings. Moreover, you can also use gold to buy improvements and appearance skins. The longer the player runs, the more points he receives in the end. We also recommend you to download Jumanji: Epic Run and Temple Run 2.

The Talking Tom series are famous to gamers from all over the world. Find out the main features of this cool runner from our traditional review.

You start the game as Tom, who cannot complete his house because of a thief. The sneaky raccoon stole the safe with money, but luckily, he did not get far. Your hero rushes after him in pursuit, simultaneously collecting everything that lays down on the road. Help Tom to overtake the thief and finish his dwelling. Exciting races on tracks with obstacles, boss fights and different locations are waiting for you. Play as Tom, Angela, Hank and other heroes of the franchise. Collect gold, upgrade your home and try to catch a raccoon before he disappeared too far.

Talking Tom Gold Run consists of seven unique locations. As soon as you unlock a specific character, the corresponding location automatically opens. You can play for Tom, Angela, dog Hank and cunning cat Ginger. Each of the locations has its own distinctive design and different tasks you must complete. For example, you need to build a house, as well as carry out finishing work in the pool playing on the first location. Moreover, you have to overcome five stages to complete the above-mentioned quests. Complete tasks and progress through the plot to reach the end.

There are four boosters in special menu. In addition, you can upgrade all of them to the maximum. For this purpose, you need to fill 14 sections. To make the main character more agile, Talking Tom Gold Run includes the following improvements:

Talking Tom Gold Run features cartoon graphics. Developers have slightly improved rendering quality over the past few updates and now it looks even better. The overall picture quality is at a high level as for mobile runner. In-game sound includes fun music and cute effects that can surely please the little ones.

Our team offers you to download a mod for free shopping. Now you can purchase improvements for your heroes, while money amount will only increase. In addition, modified version disables all ads in the game.

After testing Talking Tom Gold Run, we can confirm mod functionality. Now you can forget about various pop-up banners and annoying ads. Moreover, the gameplay becomes easier and more varied thanks to free purchases. Installation file is safe for all users, as there are no viruses and other dangerous utilities.

The game controls are as simple as possible. Use swipes to manipulate the character. Swipe up from the bottom to make the character dive under the obstacle. Repeat your movement in the opposite direction to make him bounce. The character’s running speed increases along with number of obstacles with each completed stage. By the way, local obstacles are not only stationary, but also mobile, for example, cars.

There are transitions to bonus levels in certain places on the track. This can be a flight on a special rocket or a ride on a small miner’s car. Don’t worry, as such levels are unique only for appearance while the gameplay mechanics remain the same. We should also note very dynamic and varied gameplay. Unlike other games in this genre, Talking Tom Gold Run provides players with constantly changing and new locations. There is no need to run along the same tracks. In addition, the game has an intuitive menu. Even a child can figure out the interface and controls due to simple and accessible gameplay.

Do you want to spend time pleasantly or you prefer unusual travel and non-standard tasks? In both cases, you definitely need to download Talking Tom Gold Run.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Talking Tom Gold Run before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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