Talking Tom Hero Dash Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Talking Tom Hero Dash is a colorful runner-style game where you can help your favorite heroes save the world from the raccoon invasion. Your task is to hold out on the track as long as possible, avoiding obstacles, as well as dealing with enemies or bending around them. Your character is a real superhero who can use his power after you pick up an activator. Several game animals are available to you, including old acquaintances from previous parts of the franchise. As you may have already understood, Tom and his friends again become the main characters here. Here you can even visit their high-tech headquarters and instantly move to places where the main villains are raging. By the way, you can familiarize yourself with other games about the adventures of your favorite heroes – My Talking Hank and Talking Tom Gold Run.

Please see the main advantages of presented project.

You have to spend most of the playing time in Talking Tom Hero Dash on the track along with your hero. Now, there are three separate locations – city, Chinese village a beach. Each of maps has its own specific textures and characteristic obstacles. For example, if we are talking about urban environment, then here you need to come across buses, trampolines, road signs, manholes and more.

You can unlock main characters of Talking Tom Hero Dash as you progress through special tasks issued after each successful run. Each of the characters has their own superpowers and appearance. We should also mention special set of costumes, which do not affect the characteristics in any way, but noticeably change overall appearance. It is worth mentioning that only certain heroes can defeat some bosses.

Developers of Outfit7 Limited studio tried to diversify the gameplay of Talking Tom Hero Dash as much as possible, so together with your heroes you can do funny tricks. Complement your exciting adventure with crazy jumps on roofs of high-rise buildings. You can even swing on cranes and jump from them like a Spiderman in order to take a shortcut. Find a classic set of common techniques, including somersaults, sliding and jumping. After you clear a certain location from debris and troublemakers, you have to fight a final boss. Try to use all your skills, abilities and gadgets to win such a difficult battle.

In order to diversify your gameplay, you can unlock cool skins for your little superheroes in Talking Tom Hero Dash. Moreover, you can get some costumes just for completing stages or purchase others directly with gold coins. Find a huge assortment of both ready-made images and individual items, using which can provide you with exciting cosplay. Moreover, you can take part in additional events available in the game regularly. Complete these exciting tasks with increased complexity and get the most awesome reward.

Talking Tom Hero Dash features 3D graphics with carefully crafted animations. Game has a cartoon visual style that is very popular among children. By the way, you can adjust the graphics level in the game, so you can increase app performance, as well as reduce damage to eyes from long session.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited amount of money. Use it to purchase cool skins for your heroes.

We have tested Talking Tom Hero Dash on our devices to ensure that mod for unlimited coins works correctly. Now, you only need to install the game on your gadget. Follow our easy installation guidelines to do this and enjoy the unlocked gameplay.

Gameplay of Talking Tom Hero Dash has classic runner style. Characters here run forward on their own and you just need to maneuver deftly. In order to collect coins or boosters scattered across the location, you have to touch them. At the same time, magnet can attract everything in the location automatically. Therefore, try not to miss boosters, as it will be much easier and more fun to play with them. For example, using spring legs, you can jump to the highest buildings and jump over any obstacles.

You can find tasks for each level at the screen top. As a rule, these are simple quests, for example, it is necessary to collect coins, various things, or just to shoot down certain number of raccoons. You can choose a survival mode, which allows testing yourself for strength, as track will never end. First levels are the simplest, because you have to face with easy tasks at slow speed. However, its difficulty gradually increases, so the gameplay looks very dynamic and interesting.

Download Talking Tom Hero Dash to provide yourself or your child with maximum gameplay comfort. This interesting runner can captivate everyone for a long time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Talking Tom Hero Dash before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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