Tank Stars Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.5.5

Tank Stars is a 2D Worms-style game where you have to choose from dozens of different types of tanks to control and defeat your enemies. The game is very fun with a simple, but very entertaining and addictive. The multiplayer orientation of the app also helps a lot. Tank Stars has many different maps, customization options, interactions with other players and various tasks. Moreover, there are many different shells and options for upgrading. Do you like tank battles? Then download Glory of Generals 3 and Panzer War.

Tank Stars has over a 100 million active players who left more than a million of positive reviews.

The developers regularly update the game, not forgetting about the users and constantly adding new tanks. You have a huge selection of equipment for your taste and color. Choose the tank that you like the most in terms of design. For example, a futuristic tank from the next millennium or an old panzer from battlefields of WWII. You can select the tank that you like the most in terms of color, be it blue, green, blue, yellow or purple. Battle vehicles differ in combat characteristics. Some tanks are very expensive and difficult to obtain, but are real machines for annihilation of everything and everyone. Other models are more like children’s toys in a real war. In addition, all tanks have upgrading system, bringing their combat effectiveness to truly unimaginable indicators.

Tank Stars allows you initially to fight AI opponent ten times. At first, you don’t understand why you need to waste time on “stupid bots”. However, as soon as you enter multiplayer, you understand that the time spent pays off threefold. Fight on a wide variety of maps that represent different planets and look different. In addition, all maps are perfectly destructible, bringing even more fun into the game. The game has different modes, like a regular battle against another player, or a tournament where your reward determines with overall position after battle.

The battles in Tank Stars are not easy that you could try in your life, but that only makes them more interesting. You need to look at the landscape, think over how to destroy the enemy more efficiently and faster, slipping traps at the right time. It is necessary to correctly choose and upgrade shells you use to destroy opponents. At the same time, the opponents also do not stand still and level up everything to destroy your tank faster.

Tank Stars has a pleasant cartoon style, making players smile. All tank models are beautifully detailed and animated. The locations are perfectly drawn and surprise with its elaboration, especially in terms of landscape and its changes during the battle. Music adds drive and immerses you deeper into the atmosphere of the game. The interface is simple and understandable to absolutely anyone. In-game menus don’t have any unnecessary information.

Tank Stars has a huge amount of equipment and shells that are not so easy to open and upgrade. You have to fight a lot to accumulate enough money and improve your tanks. Alternatively, you can go the other way and invest real money into the game. However, few people would agree to spend time or money just developing a mobile game. We can help you in this situation by providing unlimited money mod for Tank Stars.

Our team has tested Tank Stars and unlimited money feature. Indeed, everything works great. From the very beginning, you get infinite amount of money. With these riches, you can buy various tanks, as well as additional shells. Therefore, you can significantly upgrade your combat vehicle, because the shells in the game are lethal. Don’t worry, the mod is safe to use and does not contain any viruses or malwares.

The main task in Tank Stars is to disable the opponent’s armored vehicle. Due to the varied landscape, this is difficult to do. Sometimes a mountain “grows” between the rivals’ tanks or a pothole appears where you can hide, etc. Moreover, opponents can change the landscape with the help of their firepower.

In terms of gameplay, you have to improve your tanks and weapons, as well as buy new ones before battles. Move competently in battle and choose positions to destroy the enemy. Aim correctly, adjust for wind and think a few steps ahead. When aiming at an opponent’s tank, you must take into account the ballistics and the type of ammo. Choose a trajectory that allows the shell to reach the enemy’s armored vehicle, bypassing all obstacles in its path.

Tank Stars is an excellent small game for mobile devices that, due to the gameplay and multiplayer, can captivate you for many hours.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Tank Stars before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.


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