Teacher Simulator Mod APK (Unlimited Money/No Ads) 1.1.8

Teacher Simulator is a fun simulator from developers of Kwalee Ltd studio that can make you feel like a real teacher. This profession has many nuances, difficulties and features. You have to listen carefully to your students and make sure that they learn the material as efficiently as possible. Be strict but fair with your children. Now, game has more than 10 million downloads on Play Market. Try yourself in an interesting profession right now! We also recommend you to download Wormate.io and Dress Up! Time Princess.

Read on and find out all the benefits of this game project.

Simulations are a great way to feel in a new role. Projects with different professions, such as baker, doctor, builder and teacher are very popular. Understand all the intricacies of teaching and get ready to solve many problems. Teacher Simulator allows you to build your career by winning the sympathy of students along with respect of colleagues. There are many different levels ahead of you, differing in storyline and difficulty. Get ready to communicate knowledge to children and resolve conflicts. Don’t let others bully you to maintain a high level of authority.

Duties of the teacher also include guarding the corridors. Schoolchildren can do something wrong, for example, paint walls, ruin lockers or violate discipline. Carefully study the list of violations and only then pass a sentence: send to director or let go. For viewing advertisements in Teacher Simulator, you can douse the most disobedient children with fire extinguisher or shock them. However, it is necessary to use this measure only in special cases. Remember that this is just a game, and you cannot use violence against other people in real life.

If you have correctly assessed answers of each student, you will gain maximum number of points, therefore, receive good salary. In addition, it is possible to multiply money several times in Teacher Simulator! Just pay attention to Double button at the end of each level. Reward will immediately increase as soon as you watch a small commercial. Moreover, you can spend money you earned on transforming your workplace. Make class even cozier so everyone can enjoy being there. By opening classes in geography, cinema, cooking, biology and others, you can diversify completing new topics of lessons.

Graphic component of Teacher Simulator is the simplest, but the gameplay does not get boring from this. On the contrary, due to low requirements for project optimization, it is possible to run the game even on the weakest devices. Light, unobtrusive music is a great addition to light-hearted gameplay and relaxed graphics.

Despite the fact that it is quite easy to earn in-game currency in Teacher Simulator, we suggest you download mod for unlimited money. Use it to create your dream workplace and choose the best outfit for your hero. In addition, we have deleted numerous advertisements that arise after level completing.

Our team has tested above-mentioned mod and can state its full functionality. By the first game launch, you become the happy owner of almost unlimited supply of funds for spending on any needs. Now you no longer need to go through all the levels as carefully as possible. Just try to fill out the progress bar as quickly as possible to open access to new things and items. By the way, we checked the installation file for malware. The verification results did not reveal any comments. Just follow the instructions below to install Teacher Simulator correctly.

At first, you can choose appearance of you character, like an intelligent man with mustache or a cute young teacher. Well, then it remains to start passing the first lesson. You need to ask different questions from different disciplines to your students from the class. Choose one of those who reach out to get an answer. If the answer is wrong, then press red button and give next child a chance. There must also be a mark for correct answer – green checkmark.

In addition to questions, there are tests with pictures in Teacher Simulator. Check box in front of picture, if caption fully corresponds to it, or drop cross where student made a mistake, having incorrectly identified the subject name. Conduct a drawing lesson, evaluating the work of your students and check if they correspond to the given assignment. One of the funniest levels is the control one, since there you have to monitor carefully so that children do not cheat from each other. In each lesson, different tasks await you, but remember the main thing – teacher cannot make mistakes, as he should be objective, but strict.

If you enjoy trying new things, then Teacher Simulator is worth downloading. Feel like a teacher, overcoming all the difficulties of this profession. Become a specialist capable of teaching geography, biology, chemistry and other disciplines. This realistic simulator allows you to improve your knowledge of English language, as well as have fun. It is great for even the youngest users thanks to its educational tasks. Complete all levels to prove that you are smart enough for teaching.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Teacher Simulator before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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