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Terraria is a fun RPG in which you have to fight many enemies and a bunch of summoned bosses using special items. Explore many beautiful locations and visit the darkest dungeons and beautiful forests. Experience the full power of the most powerful weapons ranging from swords ricocheting off the walls to blast waves hitting the entire screen area. Classic pixel graphics allow you to plunge into favorite atmosphere of old RPGs like. If you like modern RPGs, you can also download Summoners War: Sky Arena and Otherworld Legends.

More than a million players have already played Terraria on Android devices. So what are you waiting for?

Explore a huge fantasy world and discover all the secrets of Terraria! Fly high in the sky and descend into deep dungeons to find mysterious ore that may be useful for crafting. Destroy monsters and conquer dark dungeons, knocking out powerful swords and finding hidden chests with valuable treasures. Store summoning stones and summon the most powerful bosses for a great battle. Conquer all enemies and become the most famous and invincible knight in a huge fairy world.

By playing this exciting adventure, you can visit huge castles and islands in the air, as well as the deepest caves. Freely move around any location in Terraria and travel wherever you want. Choose what is more important to you and where it is better to go. Try to distribute your route so that you are always ready to meet a strong enemy. Don’t be afraid to try your hand! Engaging in fights, you won’t lose any of your property when defeated, but simply move to the starting location for better preparation for battle. Take revenge on the enemy by returning specially prepared.

Craft weapons and armor from the most powerful stones and magic ore. Terraria allows you to find magical alloys and create items with unique powers. Some swords perfectly hit opponents with ricocheting projectiles, while others deal damage in an area. Armor protects you well from strong hits of monsters and allows you to withstand critical hits from bosses. Remember to update your gear as you reach a new level in game progress. Each time, the monsters are getting stronger, the bosses become more difficult, and you have to make every effort to defeat them.

Create whatever you want in Terraria, thanks to the many unique blocks available from different materials. Build a shelter and equip it with various furniture. Soon, you have nowhere to store all your trophies, and you have to acquire spacious chests that you can place on your territory. Store reagents and materials for crafting in handy crates that your enemies can’t reach. You always have free space in your backpack for new loot. Do not forget to empty your backpack before going into the dungeon and before battles with bosses. In this case, you will never forget to pick up the valuable thing that dropped out during the next victory over the enemy.

Beautiful and addicting Terraria delights you with excellent graphics in the style of classic RPGs. Everything has a convenient pixel style and sets a unique bright atmosphere of a huge magical world. Developers paid careful attention to the characters and their elaboration. You can meet many different fairy-tale creatures that you never even knew existed! Meet many friends and hordes of enemies. All locations have a dynamic change of day and night, and you can spend the night in a dark forest or your refuge more than once if you manage to get to it in time.

If you find it difficult to complete a certain quest or you simply don’t have enough items to upgrade your character, then you can download a modified version of the game on our website. The Terraria mod includes two features. First, you get immortality, thanks to which you can go and fight against the most powerful monsters. Secondly, in case of a shortage of the necessary items, you can divide them in your inventory and thus get twice as many items.

Our team has tested the mod and can guarantee it work. Moreover, we have also checked it for viruses and malware. The installation file does not carry any threats. Just enable and disable the functions described above in a special menu. Please note that despite the presence of the immortality option, your hero may still suffocate under water or die from poisoning.

Terraria has very convenient and simple controls. Ordinary taps control the character and the creation of items doesn’t cause any difficulties. Combine items, choosing suitable resources for combining in your inventory. Find recipes and blueprints for new armor and swords. All important options and additional functions are easily accessible. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail for the convenience of users.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful dark world of classic RPGs in Terraria. Create your own armor and weapons for every taste. Thanks to the enormous crafting possibilities, you can find the necessary equipment at any level. It can help you in battles against bosses and ordinary monsters. First, explore huge beautiful locations both high in the sky and deep underground. Second, set up your hideout and store all the wealth you have received in secret places. Developers perfectly optimized nice pixel graphics even for weak devices and any user should have no problems launching.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Terraria before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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