The Baby In Yellow Mod APK (No Ads) 0.1

The Baby In Yellow is a game that gives you an opportunity to get used to the role of ordinary nanny for completely extraordinary child in a yellow suit with large expressive and frightening orange eyes. The main events of this game unfold around this kid, which can impress the lover of both arcade games and horror games. Its plot develops gradually, offering the players to perform simple tasks of a baby sitter. The contrast with such routine and serenity is especially acute with the onset of night. With beginning of dark time, supernatural things begin to happen, providing you with absolute opposite feelings in comparison with daytime part of the game. We have prepared other creepy apps for you too, like Mini DayZ 2 and DEAD TRIGGER 2.

The Baby In Yellow has become a real godsend for fans of horror stories with interesting plot. The game has more than 10 thousand downloads on Play Store with average rating of 4.7 points. It is also included in top of the best simulation games.

Atmosphere of mystery and enigma appears from the very first minutes of the gameplay. Turning your back to the baby, you may no longer find him in the same place. He may well mysteriously end up in a completely different place. Over time, the degree of mystery and tension increases, which forces the player to delve into the gameplay with enthusiasm. Game atmosphere is really on a level and it’s hard to argue with that.

The plot of The Baby In Yellow reveals through various small tasks, which implementation is often not the easiest task with unexpected outcomes. Project is literally intriguing and makes the player feel curious and eager to find out how it will end. Each subsequent quest excites and makes the player guess what the catch will be. With each coming night, expectations of more and more crazy things grow in something bigger.

The game physics feature the highest level, as objects move in space similarly to real life. In addition to excellent physics, The Baby In Yellow boasts of good optimization, which is commendable, especially considering that project is still under development. This means that it may launch and work well on most mobile devices, even budget ones. Technical part of the game also has the highest level and this is definitely one of its advantages and key features.

The graphic design of The Baby In Yellow features cartoon style. This style does not prevent the game from scaring and impressing the player with various mysterious events. Lighting work favorably emphasizes the most intense moments of the game, leaving a positive impression. Soundtrack impresses the gameplay, immersing the player even deeper into atmosphere of the game mystery. Taken together graphics and sound, both components make the gameplay more attractive and interesting.

The Baby In Yellow is a horror game where every moment of the game can be intense or intimidating. That’s why annoying advertising can spoil the atmosphere at some points of the game. It appears suddenly when choosing a certain action or when changing day and night. This arrangement does not please users of Android devices. Therefore, we offer you to download The Baby In Yellow with a built-in mod that excludes advertising from the gameplay.

Our team researched the game and checked its mod functionality. Indeed, the mod works, and ads will no longer bother you during gameplay. It is especially important in horror movies, where every little thing can hopelessly ruin impression of tense moment. In order to use the mod, you just need to download the presented version to your device. It cannot harm your device, so you can enjoy ad-free gameplay without worrying about the safety of your gadget.

The gameplay of The Baby In Yellow is really fun. You can convince in this through the implementation of various gameplay moments. Developers really tried over the gameplay part, as they managed to fit excellent arcade mechanics of completing quests with horror elements in one game. The gameplay may vaguely resemble the Layers of Fear known among PC gamers. We can definitely say that developers took their inspiration from this game, working on various aspects of the gameplay. Enjoying the game without ads becomes even easier, so do not neglect this opportunity and download our solution.

The Baby In Yellow is a small game that leaves a big set of impressions for players. Fans of this genre should definitely take a closer look at this creation and try to go through it. If you have already passed it, then do not forget to follow the updates. The game is still in development and the developers can bring a lot of new content, whether it’s new storylines or improvements to various aspects.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original The Baby In Yellow before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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