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The Trail is a mobile travel simulator game developed by Kongregate. Main gameplay essence within this project is to follow the road, look for useful resources, interesting places, animals and get pleasant impressions. First, you need to visit the simplest routes in order to acquire the first state. However, you have to face the needs of usual tourist: find home, equipment that you can buy or make, friends with company. Discover and be sure to capture new, previously unexplored areas of New World. Game uses graphics in a unique style. Despite the fact that chosen design seems unusual, project quickly begins to captivate the user along with simple controls. Check out other simulators like Woodturning and WorldBox.

The Trail offers a truly varied gameplay: traveling, exploring, crafting, building, trading and more. Read our review to understand all game intricacies better.

When launching The Trail for the first time, you may be surprised at how cool and beautiful the game looks. Peter Molyneux, designer responsible for project creation, tried to give the development a unique charm. Game belongs to the genre of simulations and allows you to go on an amazing journey without leaving your home, enjoying the picturesque locations. In addition, every gamer can become a very wealthy resident of old American settlement of Eden Falls, if he works hard enough. By the way, it is true dream of protagonist of this story. First, you need to get to the city, overcoming mountains and deserts.

As you progress through small tasks of The Trail, you receive experience points need for upgrading your professional skills.

Character’s talent tree features five threads:

Initially, main hero of The Trail has nothing but torn clothes, bag, map and a compass. Over time, many things, as well as cute outfits appear on its own. Your profile displays various information: distance traveled, number of collected items, money earned and more. Along the way, you can collect various items and put them in your backpack. Crafting may require completely different little things: branches, shells, stones, berries or something else. Your backpack also has a separate pocket that holds a small item for quick access.

Graphics developed by Peter Molyneux have the level of console projects. Unique visual style of The Trail will definitely not leave any gamer indifferent, while beauty of some locations can make you thrill and enjoy every journey. Moreover, relaxing music accompanies you throughout the journey.

We offer you to ease your gameplay process in The Trail and download a mod for unlimited amount of money. You can spend them on various items for crafting, as well as to replenish your inventory.

Our team has checked out unlimited money mod for The Trail. We confirm that all the stated features are indeed present in proposed version. All you have to do is to install the game correctly and then access unlimited money feature on the first launch. We also guarantee that installation file is safe for your device. We checked it for malware, as all tests showed that it contains no viruses.

You alone have to choose your occupation. The game absolutely does not limit you in any particular choice: you can easily master all professions at once. It is important to understand that experience points are not enough for everything, so it is worth paying attention to two or three areas of development. It is also possible to buy anything that you cannot produce yourself.

Gameplay process of The Trail features no merchants in usual sense. Each bidding process is a mini-game where you have to bid on items, keep track of other gamers’ prices and get the most out of your inventory. There is also a certain competitive aspect in the auction. Other gamers are also involved in the sale together with you. The one who can earn the highest revenue receives an additional reward in form of experience and money.

The main time of your playthrough comes down to completing small quests. Each new task sends you to new locations, teaches you certain gameplay mechanics, reveals the secrets of your chosen craft and so on. Moreover, you can easily spend invaluable experience and monetary rewards on what you want.

Download The Trail to your device to get the most out of traveling, exploring locations and crafting. The game offers you to become a real pioneer, create things necessary for life from improvised means, engage in trade and even try construction.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original The Trail before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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