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The Wild Darkness is a very addicting survival game. You play as a hero who has lost his memory and found himself in a mysterious forest and an unfamiliar world. Your hero turned out to be completely alone, because an old and evil sorcerer mixed up the ingredients of the spell and struck you with lightning, thereby transferring you to a completely unknown world. You have the task of not only surviving in this world, but also exploring it. You have nothing, and you need to make things from scrap materials that are necessary for survival. In the beginning, you are absolutely vulnerable and defenseless. However, after a while, the creation of complex objects and various tools becomes available to you. With the darkness of the night, you can fight with created torch. If you like RPG, then feel free to download Survival RPG 3.

Plunge into the authentic atmosphere of The Wild Darkness by learning more about it from our review.

Controls are maximally adapted for touch screen control. Therefore, you can get used to it very quickly. Just to tap to collect items. In order to move a character in The Wild Darkness, you need to touch screen in the right place. It is just enough to click on them to interact with items in inventory. You can use or wear any items you have. Therefore, you can learn control very quickly and it won’t cause you any difficulties.

At first, they are the simplest, but during the walkthrough, they become more difficult. Collect some simple items to make usual things. However, for difficult items you may need things that are more complex. The very education of subjects is justified. You cannot get a car out of a hammer and a stick. For example, you need steel and a stick to create a knife. Everything is like in real life.

At the very beginning of The Wild Darkness, you need to choose your starting stats. Your abilities in the game depend on them. There are several key metrics. For example, in addition to the usual health points, there are other parameters. Here is the temperature, the level of hunger and others. You need to watch them carefully. Otherwise your character will simply die.

The design of The Wild Darkness, although simple, is very cute. View from above that allows you to see even the smallest details, even though special camera angle is far enough away. Everything is clearly drawn and you won’t have any questions about what kind of thing it is in front of the character. The sound design can also appeal to even sophisticated users. Music is not annoying and can please gamers with its simplicity and quality.

What we usually miss in RPG games? That’s right, in such games always want more money! Our mod can save you from this problem as it provides players with unlimited money. It depends only on you how to dispose this endless amount.

The unlimited money mod works without any complaints. When you spend money on improving your hero, buying new items for him or crafting, the amount of money only increases. In addition, tha game is absolutely safe and doesn’t slow down your device.

Your main task in The Wild Darkness is not only to fight against enemies. The main problem is the lack of food and water. After all, this world is absolutely unfamiliar to you and danger can await you at every corner. This makes the game process not trivial extermination of enemies, but namely survival. By nightfall, the question of accommodation arises. It is at this time that your character can become food for predators. You need to think about it in advance to prevent this from happening. Light a fire and drive away the animals. Obtain new items by combining several other things. Usually its combination is quite logical and you can figure out how to get this or that thing. This makes the gameplay even more interesting and makes you think about your actions.

The Wild Darkness is a full-fledged RPG. Despite its outward simplicity and cartoonish graphics, the game has dynamic gameplay, a fascinating plot and interesting quests. The Wild Darkness is completely uncomplicated as an RPG and you only have difficulty surviving. Moreover, the arisen difficulties don’t repel the player, but force him to start everything from the beginning with even greater zeal, having already gained experience and knowing some of the subtleties. Therefore, what caused your death last time won’t be a problem for you. In addition, a distinctive feature of the game is simple controls. You can easily figure it out and fully immerse yourself in the gameplay. Nice graphics and music can definitely leave a positive opinion about this game.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of The Wild Darkness before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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